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This is to give notice that Community Development Resources, LLC, on behalf of the City of Sullivan City, has conducted an evaluation as required by Executive Order 11988 and 11990, in accordance with Texas Department of Rural Affairs – Disaster Recovery (TDRA-DR) program protocols and HUD regulations at 24 CFR 55.20 Subpart C Procedures for Making Determinations on Floodplain Management, to determine the potential affect that its activity in the floodplain and/or wetland will have on the human environment for the proposed Flood and Drainage Facilities Improvement Project under TDRA-DR Contract No. DRS010180; Federal grant amount - $500.000.

The City of Sullivan City proposes to use federal funds to excavate approximately 18,520 cubic yards (initially proposed as 15,867 c.y.) of material, construct a concrete lined drainage ditch, and install 40 linear feet of culvert.  Construction shall take place at the floodplain (Zone A) approximately 550 linear feet south of U.S. Expressway 83 (origin of drainage ditch initially proposed off of U.S. Expressway 83) and Olga Street (interchangeably signed as Valle Street).  The City also proposes to acquire approximately 4.02 acres (initially proposed as 6.0 acres) of land to accommodate the proposed drainage ditch.

The City of Sullivan City has considered the following alternatives and mitigation measures to be taken to minimize adverse impacts and to restore and preserve natural and beneficial values, and taking into account compliance with state and local floodplain protection procedures:

1.   Locate the proposed activities within the floodplain; considered necessary from a public interest standpoint since no suitable alternative exists.

2.   Locate the proposed activities outside the floodplain; no mitigation required; not feasible considering vast floodplain area.

3.   Methods to serve the same or similar objectives including installation of reinforced concrete pipe; not financially feasible with existing budget.

4.   No action.

The City of Sullivan City has reevaluated the alternatives to building and/or improving in the floodplain and has determined that it has no practicable alternative.  Environmental files that document compliance with steps 3 though 6 of Executive Order 11988 and/or 11990 are available for public inspection, review and copying upon request at the times and location delineated in the last paragraph of this notice for receipt of comments.  These activities will have no significant impact on the environment for the following reasons:

The materials and components of the proposed activities will be designed, constructed, and installed using practices that are intended to reduce flooding.

There are three primary purposes for this notice.  First, people who may be affected by activities in floodplains and those who have an interest in the protection of the natural environment should be given an opportunity to express their concerns and provide information about these areas.  Second, an adequate public notice program can be an important public educational tool.  The dissemination of information about floodplains can facilitate and enhance Federal efforts to reduce the risks associated with the occupancy and modification of these special areas.  Third, as a matter of fairness, when the Federal government determines it will participate in actions taking place in floodplains, it must inform those who may be put at greater or continued risk.

Written comments must be received by the City of Sullivan City no later than January 28, 2011, at the following address: City of Sullivan City, 500 Cenizo Drive (or P.O. Box 249), Sullivan City, TX 78595, Attn: Rolando Gonzalez, City Manager; during the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays; Tel: (956) 485-2828.

Rosendo Benavides, Mayor, City of Sullivan City, Texas

Robert L. Chavira, Managing Member, Community Development Resources, LLC, TDRA Environmental Service Provider

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