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City of Palmview



The City of Palmview is soliciting competitive sealed proposals from qualified sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, or other legal entities to provide construction services for the construction of the Palmview Public Safety Station 2 located at Showers Road and Frontage Road.  The City of Palmview has selected an architect/engineer to prepare construction documents for this project.

The Request for competitive sealed proposals that includes construction document, selection criteria, estimated budget, project scope, schedule, and other information that contractors may require to respond to the request may be obtained from the City of Palmview at 400 W Veterans Blvd, Palmview, Texas 78572.  All prospective proposers will be required to deposit a certified or cashier’s check or bid bond payable to the CITY OF PALMVIEW as a guarantee of the safe return of the construction documents made part of the request for proposals.  The deposit will be for the sum of $100.00 per set.  The sum will be refund upon the return of the complete set of construction documents within five (5) days after the deadline for submission of proposals.

1.            Structural Building

2.            Concrete slab & Re-bar

3.            Electrical wiring, fixtures, outlets

4.            Information Technology wiring, fixtures, outlets

5.            A/C (units, vents, ducts)

6.            Cabinets with counter tops

7.            Garage Doors (motor, installed)

8.            Paint (with tape and float)

9.            Block & Installed

10.            Plumbing (Fixtures, Pipes)

The selection Criteria for Competitive sealed proposals shall be the offeror’s:


CATEGORY                                                                                                        POINTS


1.            The purchase price.                                                                                   78

2.            The reputation of the vendor and of the vendor’s goods or services.            1-3

3.            The quality of the vendor’s goods or services.                                             1-3

4.            The extent to which the goods or services meet                                          1-3

the City of Palmview needs

5.            The vendor’s past relationship with the City of Palmview                              1-3

6.            The impact on the ability of the City of Palmview to comply with                   1-3

laws relating to HUB/MBE.

7.            The total long-term cost to the City of Palmview to acquire                            1-3

The goods or services.

8.            K thru 12 Construction experience.                                                            1-5

All competitive sealed proposals must be submitted to the Office of the City Manager Construction Committee located at 400 W. Veteran’s Blvd., Palmview, TX 78572 no later than 4:00 PM on Thursday, May 21, 2012, at this time the proposals will be opened and publicly read aloud.  No proposal shall be accepted after this deadline.  Each proposal is to be submitted in a sealed envelope which is clearly marked: “Competitive Sealed Proposal, Palmview Public Safety Station 2.”  Each proposal which is not signed by the offeror or an authorized representative of the offeror shall be rejected.  Within 7 days after the date of the opening the proposals, the City of Palmview shall evaluate and rank each proposal submitted in relation to the published selection criteria.

The City of Palmview shall select the offeror that offers the best value to the City of Palmview based on the published selection criteria an on its ranking evaluation.  The City of Palmview as its Architect/Engineer may discuss with the selected offeror options for construction reduction.  If the City of Palmview is unable to reach a contract agreement with the selected offeror, the City of Palmview shall terminate further discussions and proceed to the next offeror in the order of the selection ranking until a contract agreement is reached or all proposals are rejected.

A Pre-Proposal Conference will be held at the Office of the City Manager, 400 W. Veteran’s Blvd., Palmview, Texas 78572, at 2:30 PM, Friday, May 18, 2012.

In determining the best value for the City of Palmview, the City of Palmview is not restricted to considering price alone, but may consider any other fact stated in the selection criteria.

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