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20140220 Air-ShowBROWNSVILLE – Air Fiesta 2014, sponsored by the Commemorative Air Force Rio Grande Valley Wing, takes place on Feb. 22 and 23. A wide range of vintage and acrobatic planes are featured in the air show.

Performers will include the Aeroshell Aerobatic team, known for tight, awe-inspiring formations and aerial maneuvers at airshows across the nation.  

The Aeroshell team flies North American AT-6 Texans, known as the “pilot makers.” The plane was designed as the basic training plane for the United States Army Air Corps in 1938 and was the primary training plane used for World War II pilots.

Matt Younkin and his Beech 18 will be returning with an aerobatic show starting with a roll on take-off, followed by a series of Cuban eights, point-rolls and a loop. Younkin ends his performance with a dirty pass referred to as the “Elephant Waltz” where he rocks the huge transport wings more than 90 degrees with the landing gear and flaps extended.

Kyle Franklin, “Dracula: The Rise of Vacul,” bases his performance on the immortal monster of dreams and nightmares, in the form of a new biplane with a thrilling air show act.  

Randy Ball is the nephew of Gilbert Ball who flew 56 missions over Europe in the B-17 Flying Fortress. The younger Ball has been flying in airshows for 24 years now and holds an FAA Unlimited Aerobatic rating for both day and night in jetfighters.

Mike “Spanky” Gallaway has been on the aerobatic flying scene since 1996. He’s a member of three US Advanced Aerobatics Teams and is flying his third aerobatic plane, The Extra 330/SX.

Other performers include Paul Fiala, Jan Collmer’s Extra 300L, Aaron Taylor and his North American AT-6 Solo Acro and Joe “Rifle” Shetterly in a RV-8 mono-plane Acro.

Airshow 2014 will take place at the CAF Hanger, 955 S. Minnesota Ave., on the grounds of the Brownsville airport. Advance tickets may be purchased from Stripes convenience stores for $12. For those ordering through the CAF-Brownsville, tickets are $15 for general admission plus a handling fee of $1.82.

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