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20130315 HEB-Slimdown Cupples-and-Saldivar V-is-for-ValleyTami Cupples and Christina Saldivar, of Mission, are nearing the end the H-E-B Slim Down Showdown competition. Their last weigh-in and blood tests are scheduled for April 4.

Both women have been active on their blog, talking about exercising, eating right and feeling better. While they both have some difficult days now and then, they seem to be having more good days and have been redefining who they are and how they eat.

Cupples said she feels pretty good and is slimmer now – about 21 pounds slimmer – than when she started the program in late January. Her main change is redefining the idea of full versus stuffed when she eats.

She says she has fallen off of the no-grease rule only once, and that work is her biggest challenge.

“The fast food place was supposed to give me apple slices, not curly fries,” said Cupples.

For last month or so she has been working 10-hour days, six days a week. This has made it difficult for her to fit in regular gym visits. She said she still manages to squeeze in walks in her neighborhood and she is participating in two 5K walk/runs later this month.

Saldivar said it’s nice to feel comfortable in her clothes. She said on her blog that she has been paying too much attention to what the scale is saying instead of how her body is changing. Her face has thinned out a bit and she loves the way she feels in her clothes. While she is losing weight steadily, about seven pounds in seven weeks, Saldivar says she is happy to say she is eating right.

On another note, after celebrating her birthday this week, she has noticed that her body inside has changed as well. She can’t handle foods the way she used to now that she has gone to healthy eating habits. Just one fried shrimp was enough for her, she said on her blog.

“It’s hard to change habits and I’m trying my best to do just that,” said Saldivar.

She is also looking for ideas on great music to run with. Saldivar will be participating in a 10-mile run on April 16 and wants some music to encourage and keep her going throughout the run. Saldivar is running with Team in Training and will be running for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Saldivar and Cupples look forward to continuing their healthy eating habits even after the competition. Saldivar said she is excited to see what she’ll look like a year from now.

About The Competition

The H-E-B Slim Down Showdown is a competition with 25 people involved. The ladies are not only judged by how much weight they lose. Other factors are also considered. The ladies will be judged on the percentage of weight lost, how their health has improved (blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) and the comments that are left on their blogs. So it is also a sort of popularity contest. The ladies invite the community to visit their blogs, read their messages and comment wherever they would like.

So go to and comment on the ladies’ blogs. There you will see the pictures of everyone participating in the competition. Saldivar is the second person on the third row and Cupples is fourth on the fourth row. If nothing else, offer them some support and tell them how good they are doing.

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