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20110617-city-of-mission-bldgMISSION — The Mission City Council upheld the Planning & Zoning Commission’s decision to revoke a permit for a drive-thru convenience store located at 210 N. Conway Ave. amid complaints that residents and customers in the area were unable to move in and out of the neighborhood with delivery trucks blocking alleyways.

The permit was granted in 2007, but because of numerous complaints from residents in the neighborhood to the east of the business, the decision was made by P&Z to revoke the permit for the drive-thru window.

According to city documents, issues included large beverage delivery trucks blocking driveways in the alley so that residents on the opposite side of the alley, which is residential, could not exit their driveways in a timely manner.

On Aug. 20, city staff contacted storeowner Andres Adame about a number of concerns, which included no directional arrows in the drive-thru lane and the speed bump was incomplete in the exit drive prior to entering the alley. The parking of delivery trucks in the alleys for long periods of time was also brought to Adame’s attention. He was told to address the issues with 10 calendar days after receiving the letter.

Assistant Planning Director Robert L. Salinas also spoke with the driver of a Coca-Cola truck on Sept. 19, which was blocking traffic in the alley. After taking a photo, he asked the driver if he had ever been told not to park in the alley. The driver denied receiving that information. Although he had heard the neighbors were upset about large trucks parking in the alley, he said it was the best place for him to park. The driver told Salinas the matter should be taken up with the owner of the business. Another picture taken Sept. 26, showed the driver parked there again.

If parked on Conway Avenue, delivery trucks also blocked the driveways to other businesses.

On Sept. 28, Salinas again made contact with the same Coca-Cola deliveryman who informed him that if the city wanted the company to change delivery from a big truck to a small truck, the city would have to contact the company itself.

Resident Rudy Hernandez told the P&Z board about the overflow of trash into the neighborhood because the business used residential trash containers instead of a commercial unit.

Hernandez also testified about the need for additional speed bumps due to damage to fences and water or gas meters located in the alley from the trucks or customers exiting the business through the alley. Bollards had not been installed to protect the meters in the alley. Salinas verified these complaints by taking photos of several meters in the alley that were bent from being hit by vehicles.

Resident Santos Mendoza told the P&Z that he had to replace his gates twice due to speeding cars leaving the business.

Pedro Benitez, who owns a laundromat near the business, said store patrons had gone to his property wanting to urinate outside the building. When he complained to the culprits, one of the culprits drew a gun and threatened to shoot him, he told the P&Z board.

On Sept. 14, Adame was given 30 days to clear up the issues brought by residents and city officials. If the problems weren’t addressed, the permit for the drive-thru would be revoked.

Adame told the council he had made attempts to correct the problems.

Because the revoked permit was for a drive-thru store, Adame will still be able to operate a store at that location, but cannot have a drive-thru in that location.

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