Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Citrus Fiesta product costume show is Saturday

20120113_tcf2008_9853MISSION — Local residents will put their skills to the test this weekend and display their clothing creations made from oranges, grapefruit, cabbage and other Rio Grande Valley agricultural products at the annual Texas Citrus Fiesta Product Costume Show.

The event will be held Jan. 14 at 2 p.m. at the Mission Community Center, 1420 E. Kika De la Garza Loop. Each costume must have a mask in keeping with Mardi Gras traditions as it’s the theme of the show.

Costumes are made from agricultural products grown here, and each costume must use citrus of some kind.

In the early days of the show, all products were fresh, which made the costumes heavy and easily spoiled. Today, most products placed on the costumes have been dehydrated, ground to a fine powder and glued to a base material. The basic costumes are then decorated with seeds and a wide range other materials made using local agricultural products to create designs.

Barbara Gerlach, costume show chairperson, said there would be 16 to 18 costumes in this year’s competition. There are three categories, ages 4-12, 13-18 and adults. Additionally, there will be a hat competition; the hats in the competition cannot be part of a costume that is being modeled.

Some of the costumes Gerlach expects to see compete include a fan dancer, a Queen of Hearts, a joker, a Copa Cabana dancer, a Seven of Diamonds, a magician, a cotton queen, several princess and Indian maiden costumes, including a Pocahontas costume.

Some of the entries in the hat show include Krewe Napoleon, a Texas Citrus Fiesta Royal Jester, a pirate queen and Orangikee, an Indian queen.

Gerlach said several of the costumes and hats are being made by Ann Richards Middle School, where students received a Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIP) art grant to purchase materials needed to make the costumes and hats.

Tickets cost $5, and may be purchased at the door. Call 585-9724 for more information.

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