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Mission City Council awarded a bid for street paving to Mission Paving Company, Inc. in the amount of $567,970 in the July 23 meeting of the council. The largest project included was a reworking of Stewart Road between Business 83 and FM 495.

Public Works Director Roberto Salinas said it would take about a month before the approved projects could be started because of the need to have pre-construction conferences with Mission Paving and to allow the company time to get its bond approved. Salinas said the projects could be done at the same time. He estimated time from start (when construction actually begins) to finish would be about three months.

The project listed as Alternate A-1 outlines the work to be done on Stewart Road between Business 83 and FM 495. Between Business 83 and Pamela Avenue the street paving will be reclaimed. From Pamela Avenue to FM 495 the street will receive new overlay. This project also includes pavement striping, adjustment of valves and manholes, replacement of five-foot wide sidewalk, replacement of curb and gutter and replacement of the 72-inch Valley gutter for a total estimated cost of $286,760.

Salinas said subdivisions along Stewart, which is a major north-south thoroughfare in the city, would have access at all times but there might be traffic barriers and detours that will affect residents of the subdivisions along Stewart trying to get into or out of their subdivisions. Salinas said these problems would be kept at a minimum if possible to allow residents easy access to their homes.

Other the streets listed in the project to be repaired included Los Indios Parkway from Glasscock Road to Shary Road. The street will receive an overlay and adjustments to water valve and manhole at an estimated cost of $81,400.

Merlin Drive from Balcones Avenue to Stewart Road will receive an overlay at a cost of $22,545. Twenty-first Street to Stewart Road will also receive overlay at an estimated cost of $19,205.

Laredo Street between Mayberry Road and Highland Park Avenue will have a major reconstruction that included overlay, adjusting of water valves and manholes, and replacement of current gutters with 72-inch Valley gutters for an estimated total cost of $28,232.50.

East Sauz Street from 6th Street to Matamoros will receive overlay and manhole adjustments at an estimated cost of $10,232.50.

Naranjo Street between Matamoros to East 1st Street will receive overlay, water valve adjustments and replacement of an 18-inch gutter with a 72-inch Valley gutter at an estimated cost of $38,480.

Doherty Street from 1st Street to 8th Street will receive overlay and adjustments to water valves and manholes at an estimated cost of $65,370.

Orange Street from FM 495 to the end of the street will receive overlay in the amount of $11.438.50.

Also included on the repair list is 4th Street between Conway Avenue and Miller Avenue. It will receive overlay, adjustment of water valves and manholes, and a 72-inch Valley gutter at an estimated cost of $16,242.

The total of the projects included in the base bid amounts to $281,210. The total for the base bid and Alternate A-1 (Stewart Road) is $567,970.

In other action the Council approved several ordinances discussed in their Planning and Zoning Workshop. The Council:

  Approved raising of Planning and Zoning fees as recommended.

  Approved changing the maximum size of tenant signs along thoroughfares from 40 square feet to 60 square feet and changed jurisdiction over the sign code from the Zoning Board of Adjustments to the City Council.

  Amended the number of parking spaces needed for businesses with billiard table to two spaces per table.

  Changed the requirement for carports added to residences to read no sheet metal or fabricated roof would be allowed but removed the requirement that the columns would have to resemble the architecture of the home.

  Approved city staff to handle permits for garage sales internally for churches and other organizations, which are limited to one per year.

  Approved the rules by which public streets in subdivisions may become private streets if residents wish to have a closed subdivision.

  Require pet owners and keepers to responsibly dispose of animal waste left in public areas such buildings like city hall, city parks and jogging trails and public sidewalks.

  Also approved was a home occupation permit for a flower shop under discussion for several weeks. Mayor Beto Salinas again voiced his opposition to the request but was outvoted 4-1 on the matter by other members of the council.

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