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PEÑITAS— The City of Peñitas held its first of two public hearings on Dec. 4 to allow the public to discuss any concerns over the proposed annexation of 1300 acres. The city would grow in size by over 40 percent if the annexation is approved. Peñitas currently covers approximately 3,132 acres within its boundaries.

The city has received no opposition to the annexation, according to City Manager Noe Cavazos.

Finance Director Oscar Cuellar provided area details of the proposed annexation. The city has only made one annexation within the last three years that totaled to 16.5 acres and was used for the construction of the Peñitas Wastewater Plant.

The city accrued acreage over the three years, which allows them to annex 940 acres at the end of December. Cuellar said they have contacted the public about the annexation.

“We have sent out 284 certified letters, I’ve had some calls from people locally and people who live as far away as Missouri who have property here,” Cuellar said. “They were asking a lot of questions but they were in favor of the annexation.”

The annexed land totals to just over 1300 acres. Due to 457.9 acres of land that are being annexed voluntarily, they do not count against the total acre availability of 940 acres. The city is moving for involuntary annexation to fill the difference.

Peñitas will provide the annexed areas with police protection, fire protection through interlocal agreements with La Joya and Palmview Fire departments, and will soon replace septic tanks with sewer connections free of charge to residents.

“We will have another scheduled meeting on Dec. 18,” Cuellar said. “After that we must post the ordinance before it (annexation) goes into effect. We will publish the ordinance on Dec. 28 in the Progress Times, so that will be the day the annexation will go into effect.”

City Manager Noe Cavazos gave an estimation of how many people will be added to the city.

“There are over 500 residences that are going to be connected to sewer services, and at about four people per house we are looking at around 2,000 people,” Cavazos said. “All the people who called me were for the annexation, we’ve had no opposition.”

The city will conduct two public hearings and must read and vote on the annexation ordinance at three separate meetings before publishing the ordinance. The next public hearing over the city’s proposed annexation will be on Dec. 18 at the City of Peñitas portable building located at 1320 S. Main, at 6 p.m.

Proposed Annexation Tract Descriptions

Tract 1: Has a total of 40 acres that include El Rio Subdivision, King Ranch Subdivision No. 2 and all of King Ranch Subdivision No. 1. This tract of land sits off of U.S. Highway 83.

Tract 2: Consists of 416.7 acres and stands at Share 3, Schunior Subdivision out of Porcion 74 and 75 in Hidalgo County.

Tract 3: Covers 472.2 acres and holds Blocks 9-11 and 34-36 of Homeville D Subdivision; Lots 56, 65, 66, 75, 76, 85 and 86 of Homeville A Subdivision; Desperado Subdivision; Puerta Blanca Subdivsion; Camino Real Subdivision; Homerville E Subdivision and North Ridge Acres, Phase 2. All properties are on Hidalgo County land north of the Peñitas city limits.

Tract 4: Holds 433.7 acres and consists of North Ridge Acres, all of HME Subdivision, Lots 119 -122, 126-145, 147-150 of Homeville A Subdivision, and located in Tracts 4,5, and 6 of Porcion 77. These properties sit just north of Peñitas city limits in Hidalgo County area.

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