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“It’s a kangaroo court in there,” stated Jaime Mata. The council is going to do what they want to do. It makes no difference what we want.”

“Do they think we are so stupid we would not read the proposed annexation?” asked Concepcion Ayala. “They told us they were going to eliminate tracts five and six. But they added half of tract six to tract four. I don’t think that is legal. We should be having hearings over the changes.”

CLICK HERE to view maps of the annexation areas.

“I am not a lawyer but I think they have broken at least ten rules in the annexation code,” said Jesse Sanchez, who said he had filed a temporary injunction against the annexation with the county.

Those were the angry words of some of the people who were opposed to the annexation of six tracts of land proposed on the city’s west side. They were told prior to the meeting that the council was dropping its plans to annex tracts five and six.

A closer study of the land to be annexed showed that tract five was eliminated and part of tract six was eliminated. A portion of the original tract four was eliminated where the subdivisions protesting annexation were located. But the western area where there were big plots of land was still being annexed. A portion of land formerly in tract six was being moved to tract four instead of being eliminated.

After meeting with attorney David Guerra in closed session, the council returned and approved the annexation ordinance, causing a furor for those who did not want the annexation. With the additional land incorporated into tract four from tract six the annexation will block much of Palmview’s possible growth to the north. The land to be annexed runs along the Mile 3 Road from Inspiration Road in the east to an area past La Homa on the west side.

The new plan leaves out much of the land in the subdivisions of what was formerly tract four (including the subdivision where Jesse Sanchez lives), but provided a route along Scheurbach Road for the city to grow to the north.

According to Sanchez, violations include not posting the revised annexation plat on the website. Because there was no public hearing on the adoption of the revised annexation plan citizens who were opposed to the revised annexation were not allowed to voice their concerns. Because he has been spokesman for the protesters, Sanchez hoped to get a judge to sign an emergency injunction against the city forcing them to reconsider the annexation even though his property is no longer in the area to be annexed.

The revised description of land to be annexed read as follows: Tract 1 consists of 54.28 acres of land situated in lots one thru six of Block 1, and Lots one and thru six of Block 3 of Del Monte Orchard Subdivision No. 1.

Tract 2 includes 95.31 acres in lots one, three, five, six, seven and eight of Block 7 and lots one thru four of Block 9, and he eastern half of Block 11 of the Del Monte Orchards Subdivision.

Tract 3 includes 10 acres of land situated on lot 18 of Block 3 of Mission Groves Estates.

Tract 4 included 104.93 aces of land situated in the south 321.52 feet of Lot 26 out of Goodwin Tract No. 3 and lots one and two of the south 298.27 feet of said Lot 3 and lots one and two of the south 298.27 feet of said lot 3 and all of lots four and five of Padron Subdivision.

It also included the south 321.52 feet of Lots 22 thru lots 25 out of New Caledonia Unit No. 3 and Lots 1 through 21 of Villa Capri Subdivision, lot one of Tex-Mart No. 43 subdivision and lots one and two of Dollar General Mile 3 and Lots 23, 25, 64, 65, 66, 67, 72 and lot 73 of out New Caledonia. These lots were originally part of tract six but were moved to tract 4 in the revised plan.

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