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With every new beginning comes change. That is the story for the Juarez-Lincoln High School Football Program. Not only have the athletes recently acquired state of the art athletic facilities, but also a new head coach.


The type of record Husky Football has obtained for themselves has definitely thrown them into the doghouse. The team is ready to throw a spin on things. With so much hidden talent and potential, there is a lot of hope new head coach Tomas Garcia is perfect for the recently opened position.

Garcia has the experience, determination and attitude needed to turn a losing program into that of champions. Recently the defensive coordinator for the Huskies, Garcia has been a part of the district for 11 years, making that enough time to know when change is needed. His first step towards success is to “change the attitude of student athletes”.

Of course this requires a plan of action and Garcia seems to have fit everything into place. With new off-season workouts in effect, Garcia is positive his team is off to a good start.

“Right now we are in Phase 3 of our off-season 5x5 workout which includes power clean , benching and squats,” the new coach explains. “Next week we start with Phase 4, which is the running part.”

Not only will there be changes in work-outs, but also how education is seen. Garcia believes in “having regular grade checks on a weekly basis and communication with the teachers.” He states, “they are students first and athletes second.”

Such an attitude towards education is bound to change the way athletes are stereotyped and the overall performance of the team. Garcia believes in more than just tougher workouts and stricter grade checks, he believes in motivation towards the student athletes.

“It starts with the winning attitude and bombarding them with positive reinforcement.” states Garcia. With quotes and phrases such as “Refuse to Lose” and “Whatever it Takes” posted in every athletes lockers, the weight room, and other workout areas, athletes are constantly motivated to believe in themselves and their team.

Garcia will soon be able to prove that he has what it takes to lead the Huskies into new victories. He states, “We tell the kids all the time, you need to believe in yourself and in all the abilities. They understand it’s not MY team it’s OUR team.”

Along with his recently appointed defensive coordinator, Mark Gonzalez, Garcia is looking to create champions out of the Juarez-Lincoln High School Football Program.

“If you don’t believe, you don’t belong. We believe we’re going to make it to the playoffs.”

Such changes will be seen next season on the field as Garcia, along with his new staff and transformed team, changes the course of the program and makes a new identity for themselves. It won’t be an easy task or an overnight transformation, but with such a strong belief in his athletes, head coach Tomas Garcia is bound to make it happen.

Cynthia Nino is a student at Juarez-Lincoln High School. She is currently taking journalism under John Mendiola. 

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