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Mission to use eminent domain

City-of-Mission-logoThe Mission City Council approved the use of eminent domain as a method of getting the needed right-of-way for improvements to the U.S. 83/Inspiration Road intersection at a Monday meeting.

The law firm of Galligan, Key & Lozano attempted to negotiate to come up with a solution, but the parties were unable to agree on a valuation of the 0.0893-acre tract of land, so the City Council initiated condemnation proceedings.

In other action, the council approved a traffic safety recommendation that states there will be no parking or standing at any time on the southwest corner of Business 83 and Highland Avenue for 205 feet along the west side of the road. Vehicles have been parking on the west side of the road, creating traffic jams and hazards near the railroad tracks.

The council also approved a variance to a sign code to Acme Partnership L.P. to allow installation of a new billboard within 500 feet of a city park. The sign is to be placed directly across from Norberto “Beto” Salinas Park in Madero.

Council approved a request by Heritage Square Property Owners Association to issue a building permit on city right-of-way for an existing community service sign to be upgraded. The location is the northwest corner of Bryan Road and Market Place.

The council approved an amendment to the alarm systems code. It is the duty of the alarm company to monitor, maintain, notify and coordinate any alarm responses for Class A permits.

Under class B permits when response to an alarm involves police, an initial fee of $20 will be charged on the day of the initial application and every year thereafter. Under a new section, an individual 65 years or older is exempt from the initial or annual reoccurring fee of $20.

The council voted to terminate the bad debt collection contract with Preston, Powers and Stone LLC.

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