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Mission CISD committee hears construction updates

MCISDlogoMISSION—Members of the Mission CISD Facilities Committee discussed the status of upcoming and pending projects for the district on Wednesday evening. 

Mission High School 

ERO Architects gave an update on the planning for the Mission High School Phase III project. Manuel Hinojosa with ERO Architects stated they have spent multiple hours with the MHS principal, staff and facilities administration to detail the specific needs.  

“What happens now is a lot of testing of what we put together starts to be put into play,” Hinojosa said. “We have met with the cafeteria department, nursing department and special education department.” 

Hinojosa said the company also has met with city officials and brought in consultants to follow guidelines. He added by the next board meeting in May they would have plans ready for board approval.

Mission Collegiate High School 

As for plans with the Mission Collegiate High School, Eddie Vela with EGV Architects said the project proposals are due on April 30.  

Rick Rivera, executive director for maintenance, facilities and construction, said the project would be started on July 1, and the completion date would be scheduled for August 2015. 

Ag farm master plan 

Eli Alvarado, with PBK Architects, said the group has met with city officials to discuss the placement of the ag farm.  

“There was a concern about the ag farm being located in a close proximity to the central kitchen,” Alvarado said. “After meeting with the city, they said there are no codes or regulations. However, there are certain maintenance procedures that need to take place to ensure that we are not getting flies and stuff like that in the area.” 

Alvarado said now that they meet all regulations, the company will provide master plans for a single ag farm and a farm with two separate facilities for each high school. 

Patriot statue 

Rivera said the district is working with Rick Hinojosa Structural Engineering for the Veterans Memorial High School Patriot Statue project. He added they hope to have the structure installed by the beginning of football season. 

Superintendent Ricardo Lopez said a study was done on the eagle statue that stands at the Tom Landry Stadium. He added the eagle needs a few touch ups as well.  

“We are going to move both statues to where the score board is; the eagle will be on the home field side and the patriot will be on the opposite side,” Lopez said. “It will allow for more room and renovation for future bathrooms and things like that.” 

Band towers 

Rivera said the Fine Arts Department has asked for the purchase and installation of band towers at both MHS and VMHS in the marching band practice areas. He said they are 20 feet tall, with double platforms and spiral staircases. 

“This is a design build from Melhart Music; however, we need to contract with our own independent structural engineer to oversee the design and that is being installed correctly,” Rivera said. 

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