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Shary Road lanes closed at Expressway 83

20140416 Shary-Rd-Lane-Closures JB 2408It’s the busiest intersection in the Rio Grande Valley, according to TxDOT. And the congestion just got a whole lot worse this week when construction crews closed parts of Shary Road down to just one lane of traffic to travel north and one to travel south.

Construction started this week to put in a raised median from Victoria Road (the Home Depot entrance) to the entrance to Cimarron (Cimarron Drive).

Concrete barriers were placed along Shary Road north and south of the expressway to take up the middle lane and one lane to each side. The three lanes will be blocked off for three months, according to Mission Police Chief Robert Dominguez.

Northbound from the expressway there is now only one lane open to travel from the frontage road to the entrance to H-E-B. After H-E-B, Shary Road opens up again to allow two lanes of traffic going north.

Southbound on the north side of the expressway, there are currently four lanes open: one to turn right, one to go straight, and two to turn east (left) toward McAllen.

However, on the south side of the expressway, Shary Road has just one lane open to travel south between the south frontage road and Colorado Street (the first entrance to Cimarron).

Coming north on Shary, motorists approaching the expressway from the south have one lane to turn right, one lane to go straight and two lanes to turn left onto the westbound frontage road.

That construction is going to last four months and the barriers will be up for three months, with only the one lane open in those areas, Dominguez said.

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