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Multiple Palmview voters at one address raises concerns

20140131 votePALMVIEW–Eighteen people are registered to vote at a one-bedroom home at 205 Minvera St. in Palmview according to a list of registered voters released by Hidalgo County.

Meanwhile, eight people are registered to vote at 403 Palma Vista Drive, the furniture store where Albino Villarreal is registered to vote. Villarreal said he should be the only one registered at the store. He previously has indicated he sleeps at the store for security purposes.

Villarreal is one of four members of the Palmview Leadership slate of candidates in the May 10 city election. His opponent, Ricky Villarreal, has questioned Albino’s residency status, even taking the issue to court, but it was dismissed.

Two women named Claudia Villarreal are registered to vote from the business, but Albino Villarreal said he did not recognize the name. However, both Albino Villarreal’s wife and daughter are named Claudia. Other people registered at the store are Alisha Monik Camacho, Abigail Alexis Flores, Marissa Flores, Manuel Galvan and Leonardo Garza.

Villarreal said he thinks people are gathering addresses off the streets and then registering themselves fraudulently.

“That’s the only way because I was checking on that also,” Villarreal said, adding that he’s seen people looking at mailboxes on his street.

The resident of the home on Minerva, who asked not to be identified, said there should only be two registered at her house. They’re two family members who live in Monterrey, she said, but are citizens of the United States.

Though she herself has been helping with the Palmview Leadership campaign, she said she is a resident alien who cannot vote.

She surmised Leadership’s opposing slate, Palmview Proud was behind the multiple registrations in an attempt to make Leadership look bad. She pointed to Facebook posts by Palmview Proud of her house.

“Is it possible for 18 to live in same household, this house?? We seriously doubt it! Sneaky, sneaky! This is what you can expect from Leadership and their LEADER!,” the post reads.

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