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Mission to sell three seized properties

City-of-Mission-logoMission City Council agreed to sell three seized properties at its Tuesday meeting at the request of Police Chief Robert Dominguez.

Dominguez said the properties and all buildings on them were awarded to the City of Mission after a drug case. They included Lot 89 Shary Palms Subdivision III; 0.529 acres out of 20 acres of Lot eight, block four; Lot one, block five and lot one, block 17 John Closner Subdivision.

Also Tuesday, at the request of the police chief a speed limit of 45 miles per hour on Taylor Road was approved for the southbound lane. The area with the new speed limit extends from Expressway 83 to the northernmost limits of the city. Because Taylor Road is the dividing line between Mission and McAllen, the City of McAllen already approved the 45-mile per hour speed limit for the northbound lanes.

In other police related items, the council agreed to continue the Educational Resource Officer Program with the Mission Consolidated Independent School District. Eight Mission police officers will be assigned to the school district for the 2014-2015 school year at a cost of $399,869.

Also, the council agreed to solicit bids for the Mile 2 North Construction Project from Moorefield Road to State Highway 107. The estimated cost of this project is $6.3 million.

Following executive session, the council approved a funding agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for the Mile 2 North Project estimated to cost $7,046,583. Construction costs will be reimbursed by TxDOT.

Permission for two new cabs to operate within Mission was approved as requested by Dominguez, who told the council Mission was eligible to have four cabs based on standards. The cabs approved were JV Taxi Cab and Yellow Checker Cab Taxi.

A request from the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council for Mission to join with other Valley cities to study a cost adjustment rate being requested for gas services in Mission caused Mayor Beto Salinas to object. There was a proposed cost of service adjustment increase of $0.37 to $0.62 to be studied.

Ken Jones Jr., executive director of the LRGVDC, told the council in the past the coalition had been successful in keeping rate increases lower then those proposed by the gas company.

Salinas refused to approve the request because he did not want to see any increase in costs for the city. The measure failed by a vote of three against and two in favor of participation in the project.

Under zoning matters, the granting of a variance to privatize and gate the David Reyna Mobile Home & R.V. Subdivision previously approved, was rescinded because doing so would land-lock another property owner, keeping him from being able to use his property.

The council held a public hearing for the Community Development Action Plan for fiscal year 2014-2015. The budget included $70,000 for public service agencies including Amigos Del Valle-Activities, $7,250; Amigos Del Valley-Home Delivered Meals, $25,000; the LRGVCD Area Agency on Aging, $10,000; Silver Ribbon, $3,875; Easter Seals-RGV, $3,875; Dentists Who Care, $10,000; and the Children’s Advocacy Center, $10,000. Another $50,000 was set aside for construction materials for Habitat for Humanity.

Approximately $611,742 was allotted for the Housing Assistance Program, which included $50,000 for housing rehabilitation and $561,742 for reconstruction.

Housing administration costs were set at $69,700 and CD Program Administration was set at $127,989. The total budget is $929,431.

Six reconstruction projects and one rehabilitation project were approved during the meeting through the Housing Assistance Program. The project was given to A1 Insulation with a bid of $302,000.

A request for a variance to the sign ordinance allowing a sign in an area of Conway, which is not considered to be a secondary arterial corridor, was approved. The proposed 378-foot sign also failed to meet the code in that exceeds the 242 square foot maximum. It is also located within 1,000 feet of a Mission business ground pole sign.

In spite of these violations, Salinas favored the sign, saying there was not enough light at the nearby CVS Pharmacy and the new sign would help light up the area at night, providing more security.

A no parking zone was approved on the east and west side of the 1500 block of Nicholson Street between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The council was told the parked cars were crowding the street and interfering with mail service to residents.

Ordinance 4105 called for a runoff election for mayor to be held Saturday, June 21. Early voting will begin Monday, June 9 and run through Tuesday, June 17 except for Sunday. Early voting will be held at Mission City Hall and Celestino Ramirez Fire Station No. 3.

Election Day voting will be held at Mission High School, Castro Elementary, Pearson Elementary, Bryan Elementary and Celestino Ramirez Fire Station No. 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Following executive session, use of eminent domain to acquire 0.080 of an acre of land out of lot 1, Gomez Estates Subdivision was approved.

Ratification of the engagement of Turnstone EH&S to monitor an environmental point of demolition on lot 12, block 4 of Blake Addition was approved.

Action against the Agua special Utility District’s proposed construction of a water treatment plant and collection system was approved. Mayor Salinas said any steps necessary to keep Agua from constructing the plant within Mission City Limits should be taken.

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