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Palmview looks to annex to the north

City-of-Palmview-LogoPalmview annexed area to the south of the city last year, and now they’re looking north.

At a recent meeting, City Manager Ramon Segovia presented two phases to consider, stretching from 2 Mile Line south to city limits and between Moorefield and Abram Roads. The swath of land is divided into two to be annexed in two phases.

Segovia said the city had not determined the acreage of each phase. Rather, he asked the Board of Aldermen to let him know how the city should proceed, whether the city should expand into one or the other phases.

Alderman Joel Garcia Jr. pointed out there were a lot of businesses in the eastern half of the proposed annexation plan. Minnesota is the dividing line between the two phases of annexation.

“I think as far as the MDD (Municipal Development District) is concerned, we just look at what’s going to provide more sales tax, what has more businesses,” Garcia said.

Consultants for the city suggested starting doing the work for both sections. If it’s too much, Segovia said, the city can go from there.

The Fire Department, he said, already is providing service to the area, and the police department is working out a plan to extend coverage.

“The only thing, of course, is we have to have a two-year plan to provide services for drainage, lighting, streets–that’s a concern– and the maintenance department,” Segovia said. “It’s a lot of work on their backs.

“But working together with the MDD, I think we can do a lot of good. We haven’t moved in a while, and now we did this other phase. I think we just need to keep on moving with that.”

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