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Students return to school

20140825 AREA Back-to-School 3093There were tears from both students and parents Monday as schools in the area welcomed them in for the first day of class.

La Joya Independent School District is one of few districts in the area to offer full-time pre-kindergarten programs, and some of the youngest students at Camarena Elementary weren’t quite ready for their parents to leave.

The first day of the school is the only morning parents are allowed on campus to visit their children’s classrooms before school, and Principal Mary Lily Garza said everything was running smoothly as she ushered parents out of the building at 8:15 Monday.

In an effort to help families out, the school district purchased school supplies for its 16,000 elementary students, and many of the kindergarteners sported Captain America and pink princess backpacks.

Garza said a lot of parents struggle with the cost of new clothes at the beginning of the school year, and it was a great gesture for the district to pay for the supplies.

“What was nice about this initiative is the supplies went to everybody,” she said. “It didn’t matter your economic status.”

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