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MCISD selects new architect for MHS renovations

MCISD hired PBK Architects last week to take over the Mission High School Phase III Renovation project.

The company is working out a contract with the Mission Consolidated Independent School District attorney and declined to comment.

ArchitectAs of now, it is unknown when the project will break ground, but according to Craig Verley, MCISD director of public relations and marketing, the last architects scheduled construction to start spring 2015.

ERO Architects signed on to the project in 2013, but the MCISD board terminated the contract in August because of failure to meet the budget request of $18.3 million. The company’s first proposal would have cost the district $33 million. District administrators worked with ERO to reduce the costs of the project, making smaller classrooms, reducing the width of corridors from 14 feet to 12 feet, and removing a glass wall overlooking the proposed cafeteria. The projected cost was reduced to $25.7 million – still $7.4 million over budget.

At the Board of Trustees Facilities Committee meeting Oct. 1, three architectural companies presented their proposals for the renovation.

“The committee has a set of guides in terms of what they use for ranking,” Verley said. “There’s a lot of things they ask for as a part of request for qualifications. Each section is awarded a certain number of points depending on weather or not they fulfilled that qualification.”

PBK started its first project with MCISD in 2009 and has completed five assignments up until this point. Some of the completions include Alton Elementary renovations, Leal Elementary renovations and the Mims & O’Grady Elementary enclosure project. In addition, PBK has five ongoing assignments with the district, not including the MHS renovation project.

Phase III requires the renovation of several buildings and construction of a new cafeteria and instructional building. Verley said that although the school isn’t hurting as far as the number of classrooms available, the district would like to be able to provide better quality facilities for the students and faculty.

There have been no discussions regarding any changes to budget.

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