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OPINION: We The People – Vote for good government

This report just in as of press time Thursday morning. Elections administrator Yvonne Ramon says absentee ballots by mail are pouring into the Hidalgo County Elections office in unprecedented numbers.

Those who know, say the reason is politiqueras who have previously been able to corrupt the vote through both absentee ballots and by “assisting” voters at the polls are focusing much more heavily on the absentee ballot due to the voter ID requirement. Voter ID makes it harder for the walking dead and other illegal voters to cast a ballot.

wethepeopleSo, it is very important that everyone goes out and votes. The greater the legal voter turnout, the less impact the politiquera-driven illegal votes will have on the outcome of the elections.

Make the difference. Go out and vote TODAY! Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

Politics or Principles

It’s really very simple. If you want good government, elect good people.

If you’re happy with corrupt elected officials and growing corruption in our society, then the character of the candidate or elected official is of no consequence.

Two local candidates stand out from the rest in this November 4 election: Judge Jaime Tijerina of the 92nd District Court and Vince Ousley, candidate for Hidalgo County Sheriff, who seeks to clean up the department following former Sheriff Lupe Trevino’s conviction.

Judge Tijerina, in Tuesday night’s candidate forum hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce at STC, again asked voters to look at his record of service, his experience and his values. He has been a lawyer for almost 20 years, a prosecutor for 12 years, and as a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army Reserves he earned two Bronze Stars for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan. He speaks often of the “core values” he learned in the Army and uses those values as a guide in his daily duties as a district judge.

“Those are the values I use everyday. I have them taped to my bench, and I work on them,” he said. “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.”

The Republican incumbent also said partisan politics really have nothing to do with the district judge’s office. We don’t make policy. I fulfill my obligation to the people of this county by being loyal to the laws of this state and this nation. It’s about electing the right person, he said.

I agree, it is all about electing the right person – the person with integrity and character.

Tijerina’s Democrat opponent did not show up for the forum. Disappointing.

Sheriff’s Race

Interim Sheriff and candidate Eddie Guerra also texted the debate organizers just before the event stating he would not attend the forum Tuesday.

Too bad. This attitude is disrespectful of the voters who look to forums such as this to get to know their candidates. After Democrat Sheriff Lupe Trevino was sentenced to prison in July, you have to wonder how Democrat candidate Guerra will fare in an election where corruption is uppermost on the minds of voters. Guerra didn’t clean house after he was appointed interim sheriff. And now he’s a no-show?

Present were sheriff candidates, Al Perez (Republican), Vince Ousley (Libertarian) and Geovanni Hernandez (Independent).

In sharp contrast to the other two candidates present Tuesday, Ousley’s answers were direct and to the point. Al Perez and Hernandez tended to ramble without really answering the questions posed to them.

However, Ousley’s answers demonstrated his knowledge, training and understanding of the law. He is the only one who provided answers that cited clearly his duty and authority as a State of Texas peace officer. As an example, when the sheriff candidates were asked whether local peace officers are prepared to handle situations involving veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Geovanni rambled on about how he has been in Kosovo and Afghanistan, acknowledging the problem exists, but he never answered the question. Perez’s answer was similarly vague. But Ousley clearly stated, “Yes, we do handle those situations differently.” Every peace officer in the State of Texas is required to attend crisis intervention training where they learn to deal with those suffering from a range of mental illnesses including PTSD, he explained. It makes you wonder if the other candidates slept through the class. Or maybe they skipped that one.

Each time I observe Ousley at one of these forums, I am impressed by not only his superior knowledge of the law and how to apply it properly, but by his intelligence, which is demonstrated by his ability to quickly focus on the question and give a clear, intelligent answer.

Couple this with his character and solid foundation based on faith in God, and we have the very man we need to clean up the Sheriff’s Department and stop corruption in its tracks.

Vince is the only one who has come forward with a clear, effective plan on how to weed out the corrupt members of the Sheriff’s Department.

For a clearer understanding of the man and his ideas, visit his website at

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