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Letter to the Editor: Ochoa and the like

To the editor:

It is very rare indeed that the correctness of a decision by voters can be measured before the incumbent leaves office. We in Hidalgo County are witnessing this kind of substantiation. Our outgoing DA, by his probation agreement with Hidalgo County JP Ochoa, has just provided a magnificent example of what has been and is still wrong with the justice system in our county. Yes Mr. Guerra, I agree with you. You will be and are being criticized for this decision since it is a perfect example of the “good old boy” club to which you and many of our public officials  may belong. It is also additional evidence of the “failure to act” which got you replaced. Apparently there is evidence substantiating a history of this JP’s breaking the law for a long period of time so it isn’t an extenuating circumstance that might merit probation.

Letter-to-EditorI have watched this type of activity since arriving in the valley 13 years ago. For me they started with the defunct La Joya Water system, took its toll on the cities of Hidalgo and Progreso, involved well-known families, spread through the school boards like wild fire, brought down the Sheriff and his department and now is touching other high offices in Hidalgo County with implications of vote buying with drugs and money.

Now we see Justice Longoria released for insufficient evidence by the same DA even though apparently she intimidated the police, under color of authority, into not following the same evidentiary and custody procedures that all of us common folk would have to comply with if the same suspicion of drunk driving fell on us. I hope her resignation is pending.

Enough already! This is the USA where officials are not above the law.


Ned Sheats


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