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Council grants amnesty on fees on mowing weedy lots

The Mission City Council approved an amnesty program for its weedy lot mowing policy that adds interest, penalty fees and administrative costs to the cost of having city staff mow weedy lots belonging to citizens or former residents of Mission in its Monday meeting.

Through July 15, those owing fines for weedy lots can pay the fines without having to pay the penalty fees, interest or administrative fees added to the cost of mowing the lots.

20150116 Weeds1City staff said recording fees would not be waived but it was an opportunity for persons owing the city for mowing weedy lots to pay the fee without a substantial amount of additional fees other than the cost of mowing.

The council agreed this action would assist people with mowing liens against their property. The principal of the lien must be paid in full plus recording fees needed to release the lien on the property. People with liens against their property who would like to take advantage of the amnesty program can do so by calling the city’s finance department at 580-8685 or by going by city hall and speaking with Angie Vela. Depending on the amount owed, taking advantage of the amnesty program could save some people from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, according to City Planner Daniel Tijerina.

Also Monday, the council authorized city administrators to declare three properties as surplus property so they could be sold. The properties include Lot 24, in block two and the City of Mission Park in block four of the Erdahl Subdivision. It also includes more or less 1.48 acres out of 10.36 acres in Lot 24-7 West Addition to Sharyland subdivision.

Bert Ogden was granted permission to have a new ground pole for its new Maserati dealership. The pole will be within 50 feet of a similar pole at an adjacent dealership so a variance had to be granted.

The council approved a reimbursement of $84,250 from the city to the total cost of $168,500 of construction of a lift station for the developer of Santa Lucia Subdivision on the northwest corner of S. Taylor Road and Colorado Street because the lift station will also provide relief to the general area.

Under police concerns, the council approved the purchase of six new cameras for monitoring activities as a crime prevention technique. Three of the cameras will be installed at Bentsen Palm Community Park. One will be located at Bannworth Park. Another will be located at the intersection of Conway and Griffin Parkway, and the last camera will be installed at Taylor Road and Mile 2 North.

The council also agreed to write off of $27,128 in uncollectible water, sewer and garbage bills for the third quarter of 2014. Total costs written off since the program started in 2012 amounts to $324,347.

Under new board appointments, Lauren Irma Rare was named to the southwest position for Citizens Advisory Board. Ruben Plata was named as alternate for the Mayor to the Mission Economic Development Association. Yolanda Martinez was named to the Speer Memorial Library Board. Rene De la Cruz was appointed to the Traffic Safety Board.

Jonathan O’Cana and Albert Peña were named to the Youth Advocacy Board.

Rene Lopez took the fire department position and Cynthia Wilson was named to the Mission Consolidated Independent School District’s position for the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Board.

Approval was granted to submit a request to the Texas Department of Transportation to temporarily close Conway Avenue from the two and a half Mile Line North to Expressway 83 on January 31 so the Texas City Fiesta Parade of Oranges can be held.  The 100 and 200 blocks of West Tom Landry were also included in the request.

In other action, the council honored employees who have worked with the city for 20, 25 and 35 years with plaques denoting their years of service.

Those who have been employed by city for 20 years included Mauro L Reyna III, Municipal Court; Catarino Sanchez, Police, Gilbert Sanchez, Fire Prevention; Omar Tanguma, Meter Reader; Raul Tanguma Jr., Police; and Maria L. Vasquez, Finance Department.

Employees who have been with the city for 25 years included Homer Alaniz, Public Works; Rosaura Alvarez, Library; Mauro Anzaldua Jr., Water Distribution; Joe Macias, Police; Eduardo Mendoza, Municipal Court; Luis Ramirez Mendoza, Facility Maintenance; and Armando A Rendon Jr., Fire Department.

Maria E. Cruz has been with Utility Billing for 35 years.

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