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La Joya ISD welcomes students back into the classroom

To some, attending school can become a daunting task that may lead to giving up and dropping out.

Fortunately, the existence of out reach programs is a true salvation for many who have faced adversities. A prime example is La Joya ISD College and Career Center, which offers hundreds of at-risk students the opportunity to get back on the graduation track.

20150116 LJISD College-and-Career-Center-1Situations, whether accidental, forceful, or voluntarily, do arise that can deviate a student from the path to receiving their diploma.

Regardless of any obstacles, the fast-paced instructional program at the center is designed to aid in completion of graduation requirements and to provide college and career opportunities. The institution provides support and services on the student’s own terms through flexible schedules and a constant, clear focus on the present and the future.

Since the center opened in 2008, more than 1,400 students have graduated with an average of over 85 percent exiting with certificates in nurse assistant, security guard, welding, and substitute teaching. The variety of certificates available certainly empowers the C&CC students to face life’s challenges with confidence and dignity.

“Aside from providing a solid academic program, the post-secondary opportunities that we offer while building strong relationships have truly been the determining factors influencing the success of my students,” stated principal, Ronnie Cabrera. Mr. Cabrera strongly believes that connecting with the students and creating relations is fundamental in facilitating student success.

The environment of the College and Career Center is one where high self-esteem is fostered along with social and scholastic skills in a safe and responsible atmosphere. Here, students discover that it is never too late to graduate and that the present situation does not determine a permanent destination.

With three graduations held annually, Jan. 19 the center will graduate 72 more students who have completed their high school course work. Congratulations to the new graduates and to the LJISD College and Career Center for inspiring and enabling young adults become productive members of society.

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