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MHS demolition to begin in summer

The Mission Consolidated Independent School District board approved the demolition and relocation of infrastructure at Mission High School at a special board meeting April 1.

The Eagle Cafe, building C, building G and the pavilion, also known as the Whataburger canopy, will be demolished after the students are let out for summer vacation.

MCISDlogoOnce the relocation of infrastructure is completed, demolition will begin and is expected to finish in August. Construction and renovation is expected to begin in the fall. Two different contractors will be taking on the project – one will take care of the relocating and tearing down aspect, then bidding will go out for the construction portion in November.

Rick Rivera, the executive director for facilities and maintenance construction, stressed that phase three needs to begin as soon as the students leave for the break in order for the project to remain on schedule.

If anyone intends to work on campus during the break, they are advised to locate to another campus, Rivera said. The communication system, alarms and air condition could go down at any time, and could be down for an unspecified period of time.

“My concern and priority is to have that up and running when school starts, not any time during the summer when staff is wanting to work,” Rivera said. “We don’t want to stop the progress of that demolition at all. We need (infrastructure) working by the time school starts.”

MHS Principal Edilberto Flores said he is already planning ahead in regards to security, travel frequency and traffic schedule once the students return for the fall semester. All passersby will be directed through Eagle Trail to avoid having students in the demo area, according to the principal. The target completion period is spring 2017.

Board President Patricia O’Cana-Olivarez expressed that her concern is patience from the staff at Mission High because they won’t be able to function in their regular routine due to construction.

“We’re going to do the best we can,” Flores said. “We know we’re going to go through headaches. I think the staff wants to see something. Once we start demoing, they’ll start believing. It’s going to take a lot of adjustments.”

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