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Arnoldo Ochoa: Place 3 candidate

Editor’s Note: The Progress Times contacted all candidates running for election in Peñitas to distribute questionnaires. Only two were returned by the Tuesday deadline.

Name: Arnoldo Ochoa
Age: 42
Occupation: Business Owner 8/A Builder
Education:  Attended the University of Texas Brownsville
Any Previous public office held: City of  Penitas and La Joya I.S.D.

Why are you the best candidate for the job?

 20150501 Arnold OchoaI was raised in Penitas and the city has become a part of me.  I served the community of Penitas before when the city was going through some hard times, like it is now.  I was there to help and made sure the city would move forward with their projects.  I can say I helped bring the Penitas Crime Prevention program, helped with the implementation of the storm drainage for the city , and was instrumental on the decision of starting our own Sewer Project.

Tell us about your goals as a commissioner, if elected to the Peñitas city council. What would be your plan of action for years one, two, three and four?

If elected I would like to see the city move more towards the free trade zone and work with Mission and McAllen. I would like for the city to work with our U.S government to build a railway for international crossings. I would also work toward building more recreational facilities for our kids, and help improve our Police department by having our own working fire department.  if elected this plan could take 4 years .

How can Peñitas become more competitive with surrounding cities?

The City is right where it has to be for the growth, it just needs the right leadership to make sure the city can prosper.

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