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Rey Mendoza: Place 2 candidate

Editor’s Note: The Progress Times contacted all candidates running for election in Peñitas to distribute questionnaires. Only two were returned by the Tuesday deadline.

Name: Rey Mendoza
Age: 53
Occupation: retired
Education: high school graduate
Any previous public office held: City of Peñitas place 1 2003-2006

Why are you the best candidate for the job?

20150501 Rey MenozaSince I am not an employee of La Joya ISD, nor are any of my immediate family members, I believe I can do what is best for Peñitas without being a puppet of La Joya ISD. This will give not only the people of Peñitas their voice back, but will also allow me to do what is in the best interest of Peñitas as it should be. 

What are the three biggest issues facing Peñitas and, if elected, how would you address them? 

1) Sewer project. 

Work at my very hardest to lower the sewer bill to a decent cost to the consumer. 

2) There is no immediate 1st medical and fire response in Peñitas.  

Bring in a 1st medical and fire station response. 

3) Growth in the city of Penitas is at a stop still. 

Start by improving roads and streets. Bring in more businesses. More lightening is needed on some of the streets. Control city taxes from increasing too much. Get more police protection around the clock. Provide city of Peñitas its police officers health and retirement benefits. 

There has been a series of missteps in construction of the sewer system that has left the project over budget and unfinished. What steps will you take to ensure that these types of problems don’t persist?

We must break off from the political cloud of La Joya ISD. Peñitas must be left to run on its own without the claws from other surrounding cities. Bidding contracts for constructions should be given to the lowest bidder -not to the highest like the current city administration has been doing. Doing the wrong thing like giving it to the highest bidder is what has placed Peñitas in a hole! 

When new agendas are voted on are considered, passing out fliers or mailing them will allow the people of Peñitas to be up to par in what is happening or what new visions are about to take place or coming. People need to know and be kept abreast of what the candidates they chose as their leaders are doing as this will enable them to have knowledge of what’s happening and what their vote has done or not done. 

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