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Annexation proposed for Sullivan City

Sullivan City has plans to extend the boundaries of the city limits to include 308 acres on the eastern side of the city.

Cities are allowed to annex 10 percent of their total acreage or up to one mile outside of their extraterritorial jurisdiction. Sullivan City is currently 3,064 acres.

Annexation Map 2015Council member Leonel Garcia said the annexation is a response to the anticipated highway loop.

“We want the city to grow more,” he said. “We see a loop coming there and we actually want to be closer to the loop…to provide more services to the rest of the community around us.”

There were no public comments for or against the proposed annexation at the Dec. 7 public hearing. The city council held a second public hearing Dec. 10, after this article went to press.

The proposed loop project consists of constructing a four-lane controlled access expressway facility within a 300-foot usual right-of-way (ROW) to 450 foot maximum ROW in two or more phases. Construction will begin spring 2016 and the project should be completed the summer of 2020.

Phase I would involve construction of a four-lane divided rural highway consisting of two roadways separated by a depressed median, which would serve as the future frontage roads. Each roadway would consist of two 12-foot wide travel lanes, a 4-foot wide inside and a 10-foot wide outside shoulder. Controlled access ramps would provide connectivity between the main lanes and the frontage roads constructed during this phase.

Future phases of construction would include main lanes and overpasses within the depressed median. These main lanes would also consist of two 12-foot wide travel lanes with a 4-foot wide inside and a 10-foot wide outside shoulder in each direction of travel.

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