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New head football coach following his father’s footsteps

Just three weeks after announcing the reassignment of former La Joya High School head football coach and athletic coordinator George Espinoza, the La Joya ISD Athletic Director’s office announced the hiring of his replacement. Former Coyotes head baseball coach Reuben Farias was advised Dec. 18 that he would be moving into Espinoza’s former office and assuming the responsibilities of being La Joya High School’s head football coach and athletic coordinator effective immediately.

As the Coyotes special teams and receivers coach through the recently completed 2015 football season, Farias is by no means new to the football sidelines. As a matter of fact, as the son of a former La Joya Coyotes’ head football coach, Ruben Eluterio Farias, you could say that Farias has been preparing for this opportunity for most of his life.

20150324 Baseball MHS vs LJHS 105“It’s been a long-time goal of mine to be the head football coach at La Joya,” shared Farias. “I have been wanting to follow in my father’s footsteps since I became a coach. He was the Coyotes’ head football coach back in the ‘70s and was for a time also the head baseball coach, so I will now have the opportunity of doing a couple of the things he did here at La Joya.”

The fact that his name is spelled differently than his father’s means that he is not a Jr., however that has not kept him from emulating his father’s career.

“My Dad was the head football coach for five, six or seven years before becoming the head baseball coach for a couple of years and then he coached basketball,” added Farias. “Later he became an administrator, then an assistant principal, then the director of transportation and finally a school board member.”

As a 1984 graduate of La Joya High, the younger Farias played football and baseball for the Coyotes. Having been around the Coyotes’ athletic programs as long as he has, he is looking forward to the opportunity of restoring the proud tradition once associated with La Joya Coyotes’ football.

“On the field I am hoping to continue the tradition of defensive aggressiveness that Coach Espinoza brought to the program,” Farias said. “Offensively, we need to put more points on the scoreboard. That is one of the goals that we’re going to be focusing on. If we can do that, it is my hope that we will be able to bring some of the pride back to the community that has been lost over recent years.”

Of the 22 years that Farias has been employed by the La Joya ISD, he’s been a coach for all but two.

“I started working for the district in 1994 as a middle-school coach,” Farias said. “Over the years I worked my way up to the high school level where I first became a junior varsity coach and then eventually a varsity coach. This would’ve been my 14th season as the head baseball coach.”

As the school’s athletic coordinator, Farias will now be involved in the process of hiring his own successor for the position of head baseball coach.

“Right now we are in the process of looking at candidates for that position,” explained Farias. “We may just promote somebody from within or we might open it up to other potential candidates. That is something that will be decided soon as we are looking to hire a new coach.”

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