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Palmview hires economic consultant

RG Economic Advisors was hired to create strategies to recruit business and assist Palmview’s Municipal Development District in securing funding to improve economic development.

RG Economic will design a map of available properties that include all the demographic information for the city and those sites. Once that is finalized they’re going to visit with prospective investors, franchises and others that are looking to develop. The advisors will help put together proposal sites so potential investors can see all the information related to the city and help facilitate their investment.

City of Palmview LogoCEO Ramiro Garza, a former Edinburg city manager of 15 years, said he sees a lot of growth potential in Palmview, given the proximity to Expressway 83 and the upcoming road improvements.

“That’s really going to open up quite a bit of opportunities for development,” Garza said. “The idea is to capture the opportunities that they have there and package a promotional marketing type plan that ensures that (businesses) locate in the city.”

In addition, RG Economic will also consult with existing businesses and assist them on how to expand and improve their companies.

The liaison’s focus is going to be on commercial and retail type of developments. Members of the community can help build growth by continuing to support the existing businesses, Garza said.

“A lot of franchises and retailers always assess how other retailers or restaurants are doing in that community,” the CEO said. “If their numbers are strong, the likelihood that they’ll locate there increases.”

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