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Alton to see street improvements

A three-year street project will soon be underway for the city of Alton. At a July 12 city council meeting, the board approved the lowest bidding construction company for the street improvements.

The construction location, known as the Old Townsite, will consist of the following streets: Adams, Buchanan, Arizona, Colorado and Delaware. The project will cost $260,255, which is mostly coming out of Urban County funds, but about $100,000 will come out of city coffers, City Manager Jorge Arcaute said.

Alton LOGO“These are streets that have been in use for quite a while. Basically, what we’re doing is a resurfacing, not ripping up (the street) completely, but taking out the old asphalt and replacing it with new,” Arcaute said. “That’s why the price looks as good as it does. It’s not a completely new street that would be much more expensive.”
Because it is an Urban County project, it has to go before commissioners court and get approved there. If approved, the construction should begin in late July, the city manager said. This will be the first phase of what city officials believe to be three phases of improvements over the next couple of years. Arcaute predicts the entire project will be finished in 2019.

Construction on Old Townsite is just one of several projects that has taken place since Alton’s birth. The city manager said the last time these streets were worked on was in the mid 1990s.

“These lasted a little over 20 years, and there’s some that are in better shape than others,” Arcaute explained. “A lot of it has to do with traffic but all these streets reach a point where it’s better to just take out the asphalt. That stuff does wear out and it’s better to replace it rather than patching it up and that’s where we’re at here.”

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