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Alex Cantu campaigns for La Joya ISD School Board Place 7

A product of the La Joya Independent School District, I understand the importance of a good education and value the commitment to education that this school district has provided to thousands of students, who like myself, have reaped the benefits of its success. Throughout the last decade, we have seen an exponential growth at La Joya ISD, which is ranked one of the “fastest growing” school districts in the state. With a booming population, more schools have been added to the district to keep up with the demand. La Joya ISD is a school district on the rise, with more schools planned for the future.

As such, I care deeply about the direction in which our school district is headed, I understand that in order to keep up with expansion we must be creative in meeting these needs, and I want to ensure that although we continue to grow, our children will still be able to receive the best education possible. Not only am I an alum of the district, but so are my family members and most importantly, so are my two children.

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Having served as an advocate in the community, as well as participated in numerous school and toy drives, I have seen first-hand the many needs of our families and students within the communities the school district serves. These experiences have led me to make the decision of seeking elected office as a La Joya ISD School Board Member, Place 7. It is my hope, that together with your help and input, I can bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to La Joya ISD by serving as a school board member – an important position that shapes the life of every student.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of serving as a State Trooper, working at La Joya ISD for 6 years, and currently, I own and operate The Children’s Education Station (a children’s preschool learning center) in Peñitas. My experience working within the school district will allow me to work hand-in-hand with our educators, administrators, staff, students, and the community. In addition, running my own education business has taught me the ins-and-outs of the system by allowing me to grow as a leader and helping me understand the many policies and opportunities that guide our educational system.

I advocate for our students, communities, and education issues every single day. Education is who I am. My two beautiful children, Alexis and Cristian, and wife, Victoria, can all attest that there is no greater issue to me than that of ensuring every single child receives the education they deserve. My values, which are rooted in honesty, integrity, and public service, have been formed by my parents and siblings. They are my guiding principles, which have led me to be successful in not only running my own business, but in aspiring to reach my academic goals.

I was raised in Sullivan City and attended school in La Joya, graduating from La Joya High School in 1999. For the past 8 years, my family and I have resided in Palmview. I graduated with a degree in Criminology from Texas A&M Kingsville, and am currently working on my Master’s in Education Administration. So as you can see, I not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk”. I am proud to be a positive example for our students at La Joya ISD. As a school board member, I want to continue setting the example. Let’s bring a positive change to La Joya ISD, for our communities and our children.

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