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Armin Garza seeks La Joya ISD Place 5

I, Armin Garza, announce my candidacy for La Joya ISD School Board Place 5 and am seeking your support. Your support of a vision… a vision where La Joya ISD sets the standard and is at the forefront of educational success. It is absolutely necessary in these changing times, that the students and employees of our district have a powerful voice. Someone must ensure that whatever changes are brought about in our school district are brought about in the best interest of our students and staff.

Our children have an opportunity to make their dreams a reality and that reality is based on the quality of education they receive. That window of opportunity is small and closing day by day. My top priority if elected to serve is to reinvest in our students and educational system. Our children’s success is our community’s success. If education is to be a priority, it must be funded as such. Taxpayers’ money can no longer be dispersed without return, and that return must be in the form of improved academic results. It is our obligation to help a child develop their identity and be a contributing factor to society. We must refocus on the idea that a child is the center of our community.

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I am the proud son of Arturo “Red” Garza Jr., a great man who respectfully gave a large part of his life to serving this community as a city councilman and as a school board member. My mother Estella Garza, a government teacher in La Joya ISD for 36 years, fostered my appreciation for the democratic process. Their love for government ignited my desire to serve my community. I happily married my childhood sweetheart Juliana Q. Garza, an educator at La Joya for 12 years and an actively involved community member who serves the city in many capacities. I have two amazing daughters Julieta and Adilin Garza, who along with their mother serve as my inspiration to positively impact our school district.  I received my education and graduated from La Joya ISD and Baylor University. I currently have the distinct honor of serving on the City of Peñitas City Council and La Joya Federal Credit Union Board, where I have gained valuable experience that will aid in my current endeavor. Spending the last 14 years as an educator and athletic coordinator in one of the most economically disadvantaged areas in La Joya ISD, I know what kinds of issues really concern and affect our students. I ask that you let me shoulder the responsibly of ensuring our children receive the first class education they rightfully deserve. 

I humbly and graciously ask for your support on this upcoming election. Our kids, our future, our responsibility.

Team Liberty 2016.

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