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‘Progress for Palmview’ victorious

Voters made it clear at the polls they wanted to bring progress to the city of Palmview and elected three new city council members who campaigned on the promise to do just that.

The “Progress for Palmview” slate of candidates all won seats on the Palmview City Council in Tuesday’s election.

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With all five precincts counted, Linda Sarabia beat out her opponent in place 3, math teacher Jose Luis Perez, with 1,393 votes to 1,190 votes. Sarabia won 53.9 percent of the vote compared to Perez’s 46 percent.

“I’ve been campaigning under a vision of progress as Palmview has been at a standstill for 20 years and we want to change that and bring in infrastructure,” she said Tuesday, Nov. 8 during Election Night. “Voters saw that my running mates and I were business owners first and were obviously tired of how the city is being run. By electing us, voters have made a statement that they want something new.”

Sarabia’s running mates in the “Progress for Palmview” slate were English teacher Javier Ramirez and business owner Joel Garcia.

Ramirez, who ran for city council place 1, received nearly 57 percent of the vote, or 1,455 votes. Ramirez beat out incumbent Arnaldo Nacianceno who only received 43 percent of the votes for a total of 1,099.

Joel Garcia, who served on the La Joya ISD School Board for two terms starting in 2004, received  1,378 total votes, or 53 percent of the votes. His opponent, Palmview Pastor Juan de la Garza, received nearly 47 percent of the votes, or 1,205 total votes.

The three candidates who lost were running in the “Palmview 1” slate. Nacianceno was not available to comment as of press time on the election results.

Nacianceno’s running mate, Jose Luis Perez, noted that with the high turnout (a total of 2,538 votes) the results were unpredictable. His running mate, de la Garza, accepted his loss.

“At the end of the day we have to be happy with the results because it was the people’s vote,” de la Garza said Tuesday night. “I wish my opponent and his running mates the best. Palmview is a beautiful city and it is my desire to see it grow which as I understand was also what my opponent wanted.”

Joel Garcia, owner of the auto shop Collision Masters, said Tuesday he and his running mates will be busy playing “catch-up” to make sure the city of Palmview can compete with surrounding cities. Garcia said they will start by making the city council more transparent to the public while also promoting business growth.

“We’re going to update our website and live stream our city council meetings and promote them through social media so people know when the meetings are,” Garcia said. “Linda and I are members of the city’s chamber of commerce so we know what the city needs after spending so much time already working for the people.”

“As chamber members we’re also in discussions with several businesses to come down here and also to find ways to maintain our current businesses.”

Both Garcia and Sarabia said bringing in new businesses to the city would greatly impact it as it would mean more local shoppers that would increase the sales tax to bring in more money to the city without raising property taxes.

Ramirez, a teacher at Palmview High School, dedicated his win Tuesday to the voters who elected him and promised to respect that power by working for voters. He promised to do so by guiding the city of Palmview as it grows.

“We got a sewer coming in that will change the city and we’ll need strong leadership to guide that change in the right direction,” he said. “Palmview is on the verge of exploding with new infrastructure and economic development and my fellow running mates and I have the ability to work with the community to follow through with that promise.”


Ramirez also said besides the lack of transparency, he and his running mates would look into fixing Showers Road to prevent it from flooding, clean up brush in the city and to look into annexing the Greenland Acres property, located south of Business 83.

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