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Mission prepares for rapid growth on city’s southwest side

In preparation for the expected growth on Mission’s southwest side, the Mission Redevelopment Authority (MRA) approved the construction of the city’s sixth police and fire substation.


During their March 28 board meeting, the MRA board of directors also approved a reimbursement agreement with the city to pay for the $3.7 million substation.


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City Manager Martin Garza said the substation would be similar to the one the city opened in 2011 on Glasscock and Military Roads to serve the Sharyland Plantation area. That substation is a nearly 6,000 square-foot facility for approximately 20 police officers, investigators and patrol officers working there throughout the day. The new 6,300 square-foot fire substation will have three fire responders on call, Garza said.


According to Garza, the new substation will be built on the corner of Schubach and Military Roads on three acres of land donated by developer Mike Rhodes of Rhodes Enterprises.


“We’re looking at a growth on the southwest part of town on the Bentsen Palm Development area that we’d like to be prepared for,” Garza said. “Right now we have six developments out there with 894 lots total. Future land proposals in that subdivision estimate that we’ll have 9 new subdivisions in the next five years which could lead to a total of 3,685 lots with a minimum of four people per lot. That’s a population growth of at least 18,000 people.”


“I’m not saying this will happen tomorrow, but growth is coming to us really quick,” Garza said.


Garza told the MRA board the expected growth is a side effect of several projects the city has planned in the area such as the construction of the Madero International Bridge.


Garza said the new substation would alleviate response time in the area as a survey showed the city’s southwest fire quadrant responds to nearly 650 calls per day. The local police department responds to nearly triple the amount of calls in the area, he said.


Garza said construction on the substation would take 18 months to complete once designs were submitted by the city.

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