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September 8, 2017 – City of Alton – Ordinance 2017 – 0700822

Ordinance 2017-07-0822

An ordinance granting to One Gas, Inc., acting by and through its Texas Gas Service Company Division, and its successors and assigns, for a period of twenty-five (25) years from approval and acceptance of this ordinance, a non-exclusive franchise and right to enter the public ways to install, operate and maintain a distribution system within, along, across, over and under the public ways of the City of Alton, Texas for the transportation, distribution and/or sale of gas to customers and the public generally in the city; defining the words and phrases therein; providing for assignment, sale or lease of the franchise; providing that the city may enact an ordinance charging persons transporting gas through grantee’s distribution system a fee on the calculated value of such transported gas; providing for use and repair of the public ways; providing for regulation of service; establishing depth of pipelines; establishing rights and duties in the movement and alteration of pipelines; providing for indemnification of the City of Alton; providing for grantee’s rules and regulations; providing for inspection of grantee’s records; requiring grantee to pay a franchise fee; providing for conditions of the franchise; providing for construction of this ordinance upon the invalidity of any part thereof; providing for acceptance of this franchise by grantee and both an effective and an operative date thereof; repealing all other ordinances directly in conflict herewith; and providing for severability; waiving second and third reading.

READ, APPROVED, AND PASSED on this the 22nd day of August, 2017.

Salvador Vela, Mayor, City of Alton, Texas

ATTEST: Baudelia Rojas CPM, TRMCCMC, City Secretary

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