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Former Judge Arnoldo Corpus seeking Justice of the Peace Pct. 3 Pl. 2

Former Judge Arnaldo Corpus speaks with great pride as he jubilantly regales a story of a phone call received from a young man who once stood before goes court. The phone call was a token of gratitude. The young man who once stood before then Judge Corpus as a truancy violator and revived a judge’s wisdom and advice. Years later, after graduating from a University, he called to thank the one person he attributed with turning his life around. This story is a familiar one for the mission native who is long standing staple of this community.


A once appointed member of State Juvenile Delinquency Board, Arnaldo Corpus sat as a board member for six years staying abreast of all prevalent and new laws to help curb juvenile delinquency. In the time he presided over such hearings, it was his personal involvement, his aptitude and his advice that even today makes him the benefactor of the accolades bestowed upon him by those he once presided over.


Judge Corpus

“It is my greatest pride, my honor, to be called by student thanking me for my advice and help during their difficult time as truancy violators.” Says corpus, :it is an incomparable feeling when I am told that they are graduating from a college or university knowing that in some way I helped them achieve what they once thought was an unattainable goal”.


Former Judge Arnaldo Corpus returned to the political forefront next spring, announcing his candidacy for the judicial office of Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 place 2. For 16 years, the former judge presided as Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 Place 1 for Hidalgo County. It is an office he knows well. He also served 6 years as an appointee to the State Justice of the Peace and Constable Education Committee, during which time was assigned as a lecturer to educate all Justice of the Peace representing the state to obtain the mandatory 20 hour of certification necessary to continue in their elected roles.


His six year tenure as an appointed member of the state Juvenile Delinquency Board served to further broaden his scope of knowledge as it pertains to Juvenile Law. A vested Justice of the Peace since the turn of the century, Arnaldo Corpus brings with his candidacy not only imitable experience, but also an unshakeable commitment to law and order for the citizens of precinct 3. “in the end, as public officials, we are who we represent. I believe this whole-heartedly. Every citizen of the precinct 3 has a right to be heard regardless of the circumstance, whether it be a civil or criminal dispute.”


The former judge is insistent in his proclamation; he speaks with a matter of fact confidence. “My policy has always been of an open door. My intent is to make myself available to all citizens if they so request it. Being heard as citizen in matters of the law is their inalienable right”. A son of Mission, Arnaldo Corpus was born in Mission Texas to Guadalupe and Eva Corpus. His paternal grandparents, Urbano and Maria Corpus were a pioneering family of the City of Mission. Arnaldo Corpus sought out at an early age to serve the community he called home. He attended and graduated from Mission High School. He went on to study at Pan American University and later attended South Texas Jury College in Houston, Texas. He was to return to his native Mission to serve as a presiding Justice for 16 years.


In Addition to the aforementioned credentials, the former judge also served as Vice Chairman of the Hidalgo County Manpower Board and was a member of the Mission Junior Chamber of Commerce. He is currently married to his wife of 17 years, Ester Olivarez. Corpus has 45 children, Karla, Lorena, Ramon, and Kevin.



Arnaldo Corpus is cornerstone of the City of Mission. He has served this community his entire life. He has formed and maintained a political legacy with an uncompromising work ethic, trusted leadership and an unrivaled knowledge for the office he represents. He is well known even by those who only know hi of him. He has developed this reputation by always being available to share his wisdom and offer his help to those who seek it. With his political pedigree and his experience, the former judge is ready to assume all responsibilities the bench comes with from day one. He is ready to answer to any civil or criminal dispute. He is ready to preside over a trial by jury.


“Helping other is the way I give back to a community that has been so good to me,” say Corpus, “I can think of no better way to offer what help I can give then by returning to what I know best. Those who know me, know that they can give then by returning to what I know best. Those who know me, know that they can trust me to be fair, to be compassionate, and essentially do everything I can offer to rapid resolution to their concerns. I have been here before and I worked day and night for this community, and I feel it is time to do it once again.”


For 16 years, Arnaldo Corpus symbolically fathered the citizens of precinct 3 in several facets, so much so, that to the day, it is not uncommon for a letter, email or phone call be received by the judge from someone offering their appreciation because he advised or helped them, and now they are on a better path. “That,” says the Judge “is its own reward”.


Arnaldo Corpus is once again seeking the position of Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, now Place 2., Humbly asks for your vote and support. He brings his independent candidacy his courtroom experience, both as a Judge and a lecturer, his work ethic, his integrity and his wisdom.

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