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New generation of ambitious female candidates in Hidalgo County

Arminda “Mindy” Garza, a small Business owner and Immigration consultant, has filed for Justice of The Peace for Precinct 3, Place 2, according to a news release issued Monday.


A General Education graduate at the age of 14, and a Registered Nurse Graduate from Escuela de Enfermería Dr. José Ángel Cadena y Cadena at the age of 16 , Mindy has been a single mom for a large portion of her life; Mindy is able to identify herself with residents in her jurisdiction. She is the mother of a beautiful 7 year old girl.

Arminda Garza


Her resiliency in life is a testament that you can overcome any obstacle that you face in life. “I have come to learn that there are no shortcuts in life, only the path that you make for yourself.” Garza referenced to her life. “Everyone who walks into the courtroom should have a fair hearing.” Garza stated in the release. “They ought to be respected regardless of their life choices and everyone must be subjected to the rule of law. — that’s what I believe the JP’s office represents.”


“Previous office holders have taken a “shortcut” at justice accepting bribes between $1,000 and $2,000 for bond reductions, but would at times go as high as $5,000.” “We must rid ourselves of this type of corruption and favoritism within our Justice System. ” Garza added, “Justice must be impartial regardless of gender, money, influence or association. ”


If elected, Garza has promised to work with county officials to add additional court hours and payment options for Pct. 3 residents. Garza Stated “ I am committed to making a positive difference to our JP Court System. We are doing something that no other Candidate or Elected official has tried before.”


Garza’s filing makes her the youngest female Candidate in the State of Texas vying for Justice of The Peace, and the first person in Hidalgo County to run a GOP / JP race.

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