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La Joya to have dispatcher centralized in Palmview

Palmview will soon be helping the city of La Joya with dispatching officers in the city.

On May 1, La Joya will enter in an interlocal agreement with the city of Palmview to have a dispatcher centralized in the city of Palmview. La Joya joins the city of Peñitas who has a dispatcher already centralized there.

City of Palmview Logo“It’s a shared pool of resources between all three cities,” Arnold Sepulveda, the Crime Stoppers coordinator with the city’s public safety department said. “It saves a lot of time in dispatches as 911 calls can come to us and we’re able to dispatch immediately instead of having to pick up the phone, get down the information and relay it back to the city of where that call originated from.”

As part of the E-comm dispatch program, Palmview is preparing to add a third workstation in their dispatch office to have three dispatchers available at all times, Sepulveda said.

In the Valley, the Weslaco Public Works building has a similar program where it houses dispatchers for the east side of the Valley, making the Palmview E-comm program the first of its kind for western Hidalgo County.

“With La Joya coming on board, they don’t have to purchase their own computer aided dispatch solution for their police department since they can use ours,” Sepulveda added. “It’s a matter of adding and changing the direction of where antennas point so the calls can come here. All of that takes a little bit of planning.”

Under the program, Sepulveda said the cities can take advantage of programs usually denied to small cities such as grants and make up for not having a dedicated call taker and dispatcher on staff.

“With everyone pooling resources and using technology, it’s helped us a lot,” Sepulveda said. “We’re able to better distribute the workload and do things that major cities can do in a combined effort in good faith to help the citizens of the area.”

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