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Agua SUD replacing all of its water meters

With a predicted annual savings of up to $900,000 per year, the Agua Special Utility District have entered in a 15 year long agreement with an Illinois-based engineering company to replace every one of their water meters with smart meters.

The Agua board of directors unanimously approved this action at a special called meeting last week. Agua interim General Manager Eddie Saenz told the board that the company Professional Service Industries Inc. will replace all of Agua’s water meters with smart meters and maintain them for $660,000 per year.

aguasudAccording to Saenz, the smart meters will be able to accurately calculate water usage for Agua customers.

“In an audit done by PSI, they found that we were only billing for 80 percent of water that we treat, meaning that we had 20 percent of water that we treat that goes into the system and isn’t being billed,” Saenz said after the meeting.

According to Saenz, PSI will be responsible for replacing all the meters, a process that will begin in the summer and last for at least eight months, he said.

Even though the agreement with PSI is for 15 years, Saenz said the meters have a lifelong expectancy of 20 years.

“The savings in operational costs and additional revenues from accurate meter readings will pay for this agreement,” Saenz said. “We’ll have to advise the public we’re doing this so they can expect this.”

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