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LJISD hears proposals for potential new clinic for employees

La Joya is taking steps toward the possibility of building a new clinic for employees.

The item was brought up for discussion during the La Joya Independent School District board meeting this week. It was presented by Alfredo Vela, the Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Finance.

LJISD LogoLJISD would be working with Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in order to create this addition. Vela went over three potential options for the new healthcare services that La Joya could consider.

“Option one is basically an additional clinic for us, pretty much the same as the one that we have,” Vela said. “[It] would be only for La Joya ISD employees and dependents.”

Currently, LJISD utilizes an employee health clinic located at 926 Paula St. in Mission, with one doctor. The second option would be a “subsidy-type” clinic, which would be an additional building, open to the community. Option three would be an expansion of the current clinic.

“We are in discussion stages,” Vela said. “If we agree to move forward, we know that we will have to go through a competitive recruitment process.”

According to Vela, they do not expect to spend more money on this project than they are currently spending on the clinic.

“If it comes to the point that we need to spend more money on any of these three options than what we’re spending right now, our recommendation will probably be not to pursue it any further,” Vela said.

Superintendent Alda Benavides said that the potential clinic or expansion would cost the district money, so this item was just brought up to be presented to the board for further information.

The new clinic or expansion would open up district employees and their dependents to more doctors and medical care.

The second option, which would be a subsidized clinic, could potentially cost the district $40,000, minus what money is made from non-employees using the services. The remaining cost would be paid either by the district or through Blue Cross Blue Shield, the district’s insurance.

“Most of their clients are going to be our employees, and they would present their medical card at the clinic,” Vela said. “So, we either give them [DHR] a $40,000 check from our health insurance fund, or Blue Cross Blue Shield would give them a certain amount of money. If they don’t collect 40,000, then we would give them the difference.”

The new addition could potentially be closer to LJISD employees, and house more doctors. The fee for the clinic would increase if more doctors are brought in.

“For option three, if you want to expand what we have, then we would pay for another doctor or having longer hours, for more accessibility,” Benavides said.

Because the district is still in the discussion stages of this project, no location or definitive cost has been determined. If proven to be beneficial to LJISD, it will be brought up again at a future committee meeting with more detailed information.

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