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Letter to the editor

Concerned citizens of Mission:
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King

We are a group of educators, both retired and active, who feel that our children in the MCISD seem to have become lost in the politics that has invaded our community like a cancer and we will not be silent!

Letters to the editorAs we drive around this community, we are appalled to see the amount of money that is spent on elaborate signs and mail outs from those running for city offices as well as school board candidates. Someone must have struck gold to be able to afford the thousands of dollars being poured into their campaigns, and we begin to wonder among ourselves and ask the questions.. “Who is providing the funds and what are they getting for the money?”

The following concerns should be a priority for the present candidates for the Mission CISD school board:
1. The candidates have not initiated an open forum to discuss issues that have existed in our school district for many years.
2. There needs to be a plan of action addressing bullying at all levels- student and professionals.
3. More involvement between Central office staff and the campuses is direly needed for effective communication in resolving issues.
4. All expenditures need to be carefully monitored for effective distribution.

Mission was a highly respected district in South Texas; as of late our district no longer emulates the morals and ethics of past leaderships. We are concerned educators who speak for those who cannot speak for themselves- the silent, majority being our children and dedicated teacher.


“Educators For Children”

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