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City of Mission Parks & Recreation

Welcome back this week as we continue our exploration to find the 2nd way to encourage our kids to play outdoors; but why limit it to kids… after all there is a “little kid” in each of us!

Last week we took a quick look at Hollis Rutledge Park, and what an enjoyable place to get a quick dose of sunshine for that much needed Vitamin D to keep us healthy as we improve our immune system, help us get a better night’s sleep as well as to keep us in a better mood.

20180706 MissionParkKeeping in mind of course, moderation of sun exposure and don’t forget the proper sun block while you enjoy the different park amenities for all ages. Playground equipment for the little ones, soccer and baseball fields and a walking trail for those of all ages.

We’ve recently added some shaded picnic structures for those of you that want to get away from your back yard and have some space to enjoy a quick BBQ! Leave your worries behind as there is also a restroom facility along with chilled water fountains.

EXERCISE! EXERCISE! EXERCISE! How many times have you heard that you need to be active for at least one hour every day – both young and old alike? Outside playtime is one way to be sure that happens! Sure, we can play or exercise indoors, but outside playtime can encourage a more active playtime when you consider something like riding a bike or playing ball or tossing a frisbee.

As you journey through your summer, come on out and enjoy Mission Hike and Bike Trail located at 1414 South Conway Ave. This park is designed for people of all ages, with a five-mile paved trail taking you south west to Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park.

For the more adventuresome, you will also find approximately 12 miles of twisting trails surrounded by native thorn trees, bushes and cacti; so please be careful when going off road.

You can stroll, walk, jog or ride a bike as you take on the outdoors safely without having to worry about cars or trucks surprising you from behind. Please keep in mind trail courtesies by staying to the right and announce when approaching others from behind.

If you want adventure; let your imagination run wild, as this area is what Mission used to look like well before the Oblate Fathers founded their first mission on the banks of the Rio Grande 2.5 miles southwest of here. You will be able to encounter trees, brush, cacti, rabbits, birds and butterflies of all sorts as you meander along the trails.

You’ll easily get your daily dose of one hour of exercise as you let your feet or wheels take you where ever you allow them to. The nice thing about this park is there is no membership fee you might encounter if you were to keep it indoors spinning or hitting the rubber on a treadmill.

Whatever length of time your doctor suggests; you’ll find it for free here!

Please make sure you bring along your sunblock, insect spray and of course keep hydrated! Restrooms are available as well as a few shaded bench areas along the trail. If you happen to get a flat tire; not to worry as we’ve recently installed a “Bike Fixation Station” complete with air pump and tools (just as long as you have your own glue and patches). This is a Great Place to Get Away!!!

See you next week!

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