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City of Mission Parks & Recreation: Mayberry Pool

Hello and Welcome back to Week 3 of our journey thru some of Mission’s Park sites as we continue to provide you information of our park venues and encouraging reasons to come on out and gather in some exercise, fresh air and your daily dose of Vitamin D! A quick re-cap of the past 2 weeks offering healthy reasons to:

Week 1) Find yourself at Hollis Rutledge Park Sr., located at 3404 North Inspiration Road and your need to get at least one hour of daily exercise, while at the same time receiving you daily dose of moderate sunshine for your Vitamin D intake to increase your immune system, help you get a better night’s sleep as well as help us to maintain a better mood!

MayberryParkWeek 2) Take a quick spin on your bike or enjoy a leisurely jog or an enjoyable walk on Mission Hike & Bike Trail located at 1414 South Conway. Here you can easily take in more than your daily hour of exercise and filtered sunlight below the canopy of the treed trails well before you realize that an hour is already over with. This back to nature trail is full of hidden treasures for you to explore and enjoy!

This brings us now to Week 3 where our children can work on their socialization and competitive skills. Here children will better learn the competitive edge while learning how to work together, share and cooperate, and more importantly learn how to treat other people with respect. If their only interaction is in a structured school setting, chances are they won’t learn all that they need to know to help develop their social and competitive skills.

This now brings us to Mission’s Aquatic Facilities: Mayberry Pool, Bannworth Natatorium and the newest member to aquatic facilities; the Splash Pad at Arnulfo “Tatan” Rodriguez Park. While these facilities are open almost year round, it goes with saying that summer brings us all out to enjoy the water in one form or fashion.

We are currently in our busiest time of the year with our Gus and Goldie Learn to Swim Summer Program, TAAF (Texas Amateur Athletic Federation) Swimming, daily practice for AAU and USA Swimming, morning and evening Lap Swimming, Public Swim and can’t forget time for private pool rentals for family gatherings and birthday parties.

At the pools thru our various programs, one can easily learn the possibility of making new friends, learning how to share space, patience, time management and of course lessons learned from failing and winning. In this “Life Time Sport” though, we all win because without failing we would never learn how to get back up and strive a little harder for tomorrow’s event.

Whether our Gus and Goldie kids ranging from age 3 to 15 are learning how to swim, how to endure, how to strengthen or how to share new swim techniques with their new friends; the skill of socialization is a featured benefit that comes for free! Gus and Goldie shares day time pool hours with the Aquatic TAAF Teams as they prepare for the BIG EVENT of “The Games of Texas” held again this year in College Station at the end of this month.

But remember, it’s not all about competition, as many come out for daily lap swimming to stay in shape. Though swim may not be everyone’s favorite activity, it is medically ranked as one of the best forms of physical activity for staying in shape and toning your body as well as a great form of therapy and exercise. But, a splash in the pool is a most rewarding way of fun for those so fortunate to have that summertime birthday where we can all come out, both young and old alike to either hang out or swim.

Come join us at Bannworth Park located at 1822 North Shary Road for your indoor swim or summer party, Mayberry Pool located at 115 South Mayberry Road for your outdoor swim featuring both a diving well and a water slide that proves to be everyone’s favorite which is also available for rental and don’t forget the Splash Pad at Arnulfo “Tatan” Rodriguez Park located at 200 East 1st St where the little ones (swimmers and non-swimmers alike) can enjoy cooling off while splashing around the non-slick surface under the streams of awe-inspiring towers of water while Mom and Dad are enjoying the view under the shaded picnic shelters while BBQing or cutting a piece of birthday cake.

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