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Why life is so much better outdoors

Hello and Welcome back to Week 4 of why life is so much better outdoors. Our main highlight of the Summer months is our Gus and Goldie Program and the events associated with Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF).

If these programs don’t draw the best out of our kids and youth, I really don’t know what to tell you!!! These programs are definitely reason enough to bring your kids outside for teamed exercise, fresh air and a definite dose of Vitamin D!

PTParkAs the previous weeks’ articles have taken you around to Hollis Rutledge Sr. Park, Mission Hike & Bike Trail, Mayberry Pool, Bannworth Pool and the Splash Pad at Arnulfo “Tatan” Rodriguez Jr.; all with excellent reasons for the sporting youth in all of us.

We’ll visit again Mayberry and Bannworth Pools; but stretch your imagination a bit as we also join in at the Tracks at Mission Veteran Memorial and Sharyland High Schools along with Sharyland Tennis Courts and Shary Municipal Golf Course. Here is where all of the morning and evening action has been taking place as toddlers are learning how to swim in the Gus and Goldie Program while the older brothers and sisters are toning their muscles in the pools, on the track, on the courts or on the course.

Though Gus and Goldie has come to an end, the culmination of Summer TAAF is nearing the end as many of our talented youth are heading up to College Station to visit Texas A & M (the University of Texas) to compete with the state’s top notch of the different regions across the state.

Here the kids will put their executive functions to the test. These are the skills that help them plan, prioritize, troubleshoot, negotiate and multitask. All of these skills coupled with creativity and imagination will take them to the edge of what they have learned during these past weeks and help them realize their limits as they aim for the goal. This is where they will learn the true value of winning and losing and those that do make it to the top, how to humble themselves with those that may not have done quite so well.

These are skills that must be learned and practiced. In order to do this, children and youth alike, need unstructured time.

Though these events are definitely structured, there is a fair amount of unstructured time between events where they can keep their fingers off of their key pads and watch and take note and how to make improvements while taking the right amount of time to meet new friends. On the field between events, they will need time alone while spending time with other children as well and to be allowed (perhaps forced) to make new friends, figure things out and amuse themselves.

Whether they are on the field, off of the field, in the pool, on the court or on the course; they are outside and this will give them opportunity to practice these important life skills!

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