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Mission Boys and Girls Club closes out summer season

For the 20 children participating, there was no better way to end the summer than with a talent show.

These kids participated in the Hollywood Talent Show Thursday, Aug, 23 that was part of the Mission Boys and Girls Club of America.

20180823 BGC Talent ShowAccording to the club’s director, Juan Arevalo, the summer has been active and the talent show was a way for the kids to celebrate it.

“This is pretty much the closing of the summer program and we try to show that we have a lot of talent here from singing, dancing, creativity and cheerleading,” Arevalo said. “It’s so the parents and kids can enjoy this together.”

Many of the acts involved singing and dancing from children under the age of 10. The winning act was a performance of the song “Panda” by Trsytan Trujillo, Jaimie Flores and Anthony Castillo. Prizes included backpacks, gift cards and trophies for all participants.

“This summer has been very active,” Arevalo said. “Aside from regular activities we have arts and crafts, computer labs, recreation in the gym, swimming, hosted a robotics camp, a soccer camp and so many activities. Around 600 kids who registered here at our Conway location participated in them all summer long.”

Arevalo said the summer program is so that the kids can remain active during their summer break. While there they can also learn how to be more social, friendly and confident around kids their age once they go back to school.

“All these activities will help them in the new school year in their daily activities,” Arevalo said, noting that since he joined as the club’s new director May of last year, registration at the club jumped from 2,500 kids to 5,500.

This fall, the club will have their after school programs from 3 through 7 p.m. where they will offer tutoring, mentoring and dinner as well as their volleyball and football programs.

“We just want our kids to enjoy the program knowing this is a place for them,” Arevalo said.

For more information on the Mission Boys and Girls Club of America, contact them at (956) 585-3606.

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