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Letter to the Editor: September Flooding

This is an open question to the Citizens of Hidalgo County Precinct #3. We along with other cities in this and other precincts have suffered through agonizing flooding in the last three years.

Don’t you think that it is time our Commissioner Mr. Flores and the rest of the Gang of Five in Edinburgh get the message and recognize that we need drainage not a new Court House? How can they not understand that their constituents ability to live safely in their homes is more important than the comfort and convenience of the judges in their courtrooms.

Letters to the editorHow can they not agree that the $150 Millions of dollars they have hidden away for the New Taj Mahal would be better spent improving drainage. Remember, it is not the cities fault if flood water can not be carried away from the cities through County ditches. We as citizens can only do what we can to make our voices heard. Here is all the info you need to make your opinion known about this New Court House Foolishness. Maybe we also have a swamp to drain in Edinburg.

Commissioner Joe Flores
724 N Breyfogle Rd
PO Box 607
Mission Tx 78574
Phone 585-4509
Fax 205-7009
Email Not available to Public
FB None

Judge Raymond Garcia
Commissioners Court
100 E Cano,
Edindurgh, TX 78539

Ned Sheats
Mission Tx

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