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Palmhurst aims to pass Crime Control Prevention District in upcoming election

After ten years, the Crime Control Prevention District is up for a vote in the City of Palmhurst.

The decision made by Palmhurst residents could mean a difference of about $600,000 in the police department budget. With an annual budget of approximately $1.4 million, it would account for over 40 percent of what they have been able to use for the last ten years.


The city held a public hearing at the city hall on the CCPD this past Thursday, and plan on holding another one on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 4:30 p.m. at the Palmhurst City Hall. City staff and council hope to inform and educate the public with these hearings, and encourage them to vote.

Palmhurst Police Chief Michael Vela and City Secretary Richard Garcia wanted to stress that the CCPD is not part of property taxes.

“This is a sales tax,” Vela said. “So it does not affect their property taxes. A lot of times, people have misconceptions, sometimes when they see something they don’t usually read the whole thing. We’re just trying to educate them – this is not a property tax, this is only a sales tax.”

The Crime Control Prevention District will be expiring in 2019, so in order to secure funding for the next ten years, it needs to be voted in again.

“We will be securing over $600,000 every year,” Vela said. “It has increased exponentially since 2005. In 2005 we had a little bit over $300,000, and now it’s up.”

“This covers almost half of what we [the police department] have to have,” Vela added. “Without it, it would be very hurtful to the community and to the department.”

Registration to vote ends Tuesday, Oct. 9, and Palmhurst hopes to get as many residents out to vote this year.

“They can either register online, and if they have to change their address, that’s only through online,” Vela said. “Or they can come to the city hall and pick up a packet.”

“We will be extending our office hours on Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th [for people to register to vote],” Garcia added. “We’ll be open all day, through the lunch hour, until 7 p.m.”

Vela said that the city usually has good voter turnout on general elections.

“When it comes to voting, we usually have a high turnout,” Vela said. “But when it comes to special elections, it’s kind of hard to get everybody out because it’s not the usual general election. We just want to encourage the citizens to come and vote.”

Aside from the public hearings, the Palmhurst Police Department will have a booth set up at their National Night Out, which will be held on Oct. 23 at 5:30 p.m. at the Church of Christ, located at 1406 E. 3 Mile Rd. For any questions about the CCPD, residents can reach out to the police department at (956) 519-3800, or Chief Michael Vela directly at (956) 239-0011.

The Palmhurst Crime Control Prevention District is up for election this November. Early voting runs from Oct. 22 through Nov. 2, and election day is Nov. 6.

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