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Two slates vie for seats in the Palmview City Council

With early voting for the Nov. 6 general election set to begin Monday, the Progress Times reached out to the five candidates in contention for three seats in the Palmview City Council.

The five are split into two separate slates: Palmview Strong which has mayor-elect Ricardo “Ricky” Villarreal, City Councilman Joselito “Hoss” Hernandez and retired school teacher Arturo “Art” Alaniz. The second slate, Palmv1ew Proud, is made up of La Joya ISD teachers Jose Luis Perez and Anthony Uresti.

City of Palmview LogoPalmview Strong
With three candidates in this slate, only two of them are competing for a seat on the city council as mayoral candidate “Ricky” Villarreal is running unopposed.

As a Palmview resident for more than 40 years, Villarreal has been a part of this city since its inception. According to a bio sent to the Progress Times, Villarreal has been an educator at the La Joya school district for 25 years and advocates for civic duty. Ricardo has served as city commissioner since 2010 and has been an intricate partner with local, county, state and federal entities to bring over $60 million in much needed projects to the city of Palmview and incorporated several surrounding communities.

Ricardo plans to continue to bring infrastructure to the city, improve the parks and recreation for the city’s youth, lower the tax rate and reduce unsound spending. As the son of the late Eraclio Villarreal and mother Juanita Villarreal is also the father of three children. His mission, according to his bio, is simple and sound: making the quality of life for his citizens the best it can be.

Joselito “Hoss” Hernandez is the only candidate filing for re-election on the Place 2 seat. Hernandez is a family man who has been living in Palmview for 26 years and married for 28 years to Isabel P. Hernandez and has three children and two grandchildren. Hernandez is a graduate of La Joya High School and serves the district as a bus parts manager and has done so for the past 18 years. Hernandez’s parents ingrained in him a sense of loyalty to his family, friends, and his community. From a young age he was taught to work hard, value his job, and strive for success.

According to his bio, the community of Palmview is more than a name on a map to Hernandez, it is his home as well as his children’s and grandchildren’s home. If re-elected as a city councilman, Hernandez says he will continue to be a public servant to serve the community he loves being part of. Joselito’s home does not stop at the end of his driveway, it is the entire city. He wants to ensure that the future of his family and everybody else’s is safe and secure.

As a candidate for the Place 4 seat on the council, “Art” Alaniz is a self-described political novice with a lifetime of public service.

Alaniz previously worked as a Migrant Outreach Representative at the Texas Workforce Commission helping migrants and seasonal farm workers find employment. Coming from a long line of veterans, Alaniz enlisted in the U.S. Army where under his leadership, his Fire Support Team was always the best in the Regiment, to represent his squadron during Desert Storm, and was on duty at the East-West German Border during the collapse of communism and the Berlin Wall. During available time, Alaniz would help his soldiers write resumes, take distance-learning college courses, and even tutored them on math and science subjects according to a bio submitted from him.

After serving in the military, Alaniz served as a math and science teacher for school districts of La Grulla, La Joya and most recently, Sharyland.

As the father of two children and husband of Perla Alaniz, Alaniz said in his bio he has decided that instead of complaining about local politics he needs to get involved and offer his knowledge and experience to the city administration.

Palmv1ew Proud
Making up half of the slate opposing Palmview Strong, math Instructor Jose Luis Perez is facing Hernandez for the Place 2 seat on the city Council.

Jose Luis Perez is one of seven children born to Domingo and Micaela Perez. He grew up in Palmview where he graduated from La Joya High School in 1988. Of the seven brothers and sisters, Jose Luis went on to pursue a college education and he enrolled at the University of Texas – Pan American. In 1992, Jose Luis graduated from UTPA with a bachelor’s in business administration before embarking on a teaching career. In 1999, he began teaching math and science at Ann Richards Middle School and coached and mentored his student athletes for sixteen years before becoming the math department chair in 2005.

His civic involvement includes being part of the Palmview Zoning Board of Adjustments, which approves additional construction to Palmview residents, according to his bio.

As a teacher, Perez is trusted in making decisions for student’s education. As a Zoning board member, he is involved in decision making that impacts the residents of Palmview. If elected, he would continue to provide his expertise in the decision-making process that will now impact the growth of the City of Palmview.

Perez has been married to Ana Maria Perez for 17 years and has five children with her.

Anthony Uresti will face off against Alaniz for the Place 4 seat on the city council.

Uresti is the recipient of a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Texas A&M University-Kingsville and holds a Generalist Teacher certificate and a Principalship certificate. Uresti is a teacher and athletic coach at Irene Garcia Middle School and assists with Palmview Varsity Football games after his middle school practices are over, according to his bio.

For Uresti, his interests in serving students is to ensure values and morals are encouraged so they may one day become great leaders and resume a civic responsibility to the community, his bio states. He also currently serves on the Zoning Board of Adjustments for the City of Palmview and is married to Lorena Garza Uresti and they have a daughter.

According to his bio, Uresti values diversity, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

“It is my goal to move the City of Palmview forward in a way that is all inclusive in order to promote great growth,” he states in his bio. “We could have a bright future here in the City of Palmview, but we need everyone to be actively involved not just a selected few.”

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