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Mission entering contract negotiations for comprehensive storm drainage assessment

After the severe impact flooding in the city, Mission has authorized staff to engage the TEDSI Infrastructure Group in contract negotiations.

The work TEDSI plans to do will cost approximately $940,934, which has already been budgeted from the drainage fund. The assessment will include Geographic Information Systems mapping, modeling analysis and a master drainage plan report that will be used to define the flood improvements needed in the Mission system.

City of Mission logoThis comes after Hidalgo County Drainage District #1 visited the city to present the bond election they hope to pass on Nov. 6, Proposition A. Proposition A includes 37 projects that should address drainage, 12 of which would happen in Precinct 3 (including the Mission Lateral).

The city approved an interlocal cooperation agreement that amends the percentage allocation of the parties, the allotment of the Madero Bridge Board and the responsibilities of the parties included in the “Madero Bridge Agreement.”

The mayor of McAllen, Mission and Hidalgo will be full voting members of the Madero Bridge Board and the remaining two members to be included on the board will be appointed by the City of Mission. According to City Manager Martin Garza, Mission will manage the expenditures during the construction of the bridge.

“Upon completion of the bridge, the Madero Bridge Board of Trustees will assume the fiduciary role to manage all revenues and expenses, including the payment of the City of Mission debt service incurred for the construction of the bridge,” Garza said. “The City of Mission is participating with 37 percent, the City of McAllen 33 percent and the City of Hidalgo 30 percent.”

The percentage is the revenue being distributed once the bridge becomes a “profitable international bridge.” It is still pending approval from McAllen (city) and the Anzalduas Bridge Board.

Mission passed ordinance #4709, which will complete the process for the tax known financing and principal amount of $12,500,000 for the purchase of commercial sanitation vehicles, commercial garbage bins, construction, repair, rehabilitation and renovation of municipal buildings to include professional services for the purpose of planning and designing improvements and payment of the cost of issuance of the certificates of obligation, said Garza.

The funds will be broken down between engineering for the Madero International Bridge ($5 million), commercial sanitation and commercial containers and equipment ($2.9 million), a library renovation project ($1.8 million), the museum roof renovation project ($550,000) and other facility improvement projects ($2.25 million).

The interest rate for the loan will be 3.72 percent, fixed, over the 15-year life of the certificates of obligation. It will be paid off in 2033.

City council passed resolution #1578 in order to purchase the Mission Economic Development Corporation building.

They have been leasing the Center for Education and Economic Development (CEED) building for the last two years.

“We do have a 20-year lease, however we do have the option to buy the building after two years,” Mission EDC Chief Executive Officer Alex Meade said, noting that the item presented to the board would allow him to execute the bank documents that would allow the purchase of the building. “They selected BBVA Bank for a loan in the amount of $7,919,131 that is at a 4.82 percent fixed interest rate for 20 years.”

At the last city council meeting, they tabled an item regarding a conditional use permit to install a 100-foot monopole wireless communications facility with T-Mobile at the Cimarron Country Club. After the last meeting, the representatives were able to discuss the matter and could move the pole 60 feet further away from the road.

The representatives also brought a map detailing the amount of coverage that would come from it, and noted that it would cover the Mission Event Center. After the needs from council were met, they passed the conditional use permit.

Mission approved an interlocal agreement between the city and Hidalgo County for the use of the Mission Event Center.

Hidalgo County will be using the event center for their 15th annual Epidemiology and Immunizations Conference for Zika personnel, including public health entities, medical providers and clinicians. The conference will be held Nov. 9.

The county will be paying their firm fixed rate that the event center charges, which is $2,650 for the conference. The conference is being put on by Hidalgo County Health and Human Services.

The regularly scheduled council meeting for Nov. 12 was rescheduled to Tues. Nov 13 because of Veteran’s Day.

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