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Palmview approves waste collection rate increase

During their meeting last week, council members with the city of Palmview approved a rate increase for resident’s waste collection.

This increase, however, will only affect a fraction of Palmview residents.

City of Palmview LogoDuring their Nov. 20 city council meeting, the council approved a rate increase for residents with two trash receptacles of $207.

According to city Finance Director Rachel Chapa, the increase won’t affect the 3,274 residents who have one trash bin outside their home and have a monthly fee of $20. For the 261 residents with two trash receptacles, their monthly charge will increase from $25.50 to $27.57.

“I’m among those 261 who will be affected,” Chapa said. “This rate change is minimal and is being recommended to keep our system uniform.”

Commercial lots with more than two receptacles will also be affected.

Commercial lots one receptacle pay $22.50 per month while lots with two receptacles pay $33 and those with three bins pay $55. Under the proposed rates, the lots will now pay $25.23, $39.56 and $58, respectively.

The city has a contract with the Edinburg-based Republic Services Waste Collection. During a recent audit, Chapa said, it was discovered that some items needed to be standardized to match what the city was paying Republic Services for their services.

“In some cases, we were losing money,” Chapa said. “For commercial businesses with two receptacles or more, we’re charging residents $33 but pay Republic $35. Now we’re just collecting as much as we’re paying Republic to match these services.”

The new rate was made effective last week and will be shown on resident’s next billing cycle, Chapa said.

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