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Alton city secretary recertified as municipal clerk

On Thursday, Jan. 24, Baudelia Rojas, City Secretary for the city of Alton, was recertified by the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program.

Certification and recertification are neither easy nor automatic, according to a press release from the Texas Municipal Clerks Certification Program

Alton LOGO TNOriginal certification required successful completion of approximately 200 hours of individual home study over a four-course curriculum, a comprehensive examination over each of the four courses, and attendance at eight two-day professional development seminars.

Recertification requires 72 hours of classroom instruction and a selection of additional education options which may include: college-level courses, certificate from the CPM, or facilitated book discussions with independent comprehension assessments.

The Certification Program located at the University of North Texas, the only university-level professional education program for city clerks and secretaries in Texas, is the third oldest of thirty-three such programs in the country.

The Certification Program is recognized and endorsed by Section 22.074 of the Local Government Code, Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated. The statute mandates recertification every five years. Ms. Rojas received her first recertification.

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